Joe, Step Down And Be President

By Ray Cardello for November 29, 2023, Season 23 / Post 26

Joe Biden needs to make a decision. Does he want to run for re-election or be President of the United States? He cannot be both and cannot do either well, but this country needs its Commander in Chief.

Biden is governing to the Radical Left and to the votes he will need to beat Donald Trump. It is time for him to face reality. The people do not want him, his Party does not want him, and he will not beat Donald Trump unless he finds a way to use his Justice Department to lock him up, ala Third World Banana Republics.

Domestically, we are in a spiral. Not only does Bidenomics not work, Biden can no longer convince anyone it does. Prices are still rising beyond the middle class’s ability to keep up. New home ownership is beyond the dreams of our children. Crime is out of control, and the wide-open Southern Border is now adding to those growing crime numbers. Our education system is failing; all Biden can do is throw more money at the problem. The White House Briefing should be canceled as the Misinformation Police have muzzled KJP. Her time each day is a joke. She spews lies and finishes each section with, “it’s a fact.” Really? Well, you have been fact-checked, and you are no longer needed.

Internationally, Biden is playing both sides of the fence. He tells Israel that we are behind them and then puts the cuffs on them by pushing for a long-term cease-fire. If Israel does that, and they won’t, Hamas will be killing women and children before sunset. We have sent billions to Ukraine without accountability, including how much is bouncing back to the Biden Family bank accounts. We have no idea who the American hostages are in Gaza, whether they are alive, or when, if ever, they will be released. In turn, Biden relaxes restraints on Iran, giving them more money to fund Hamas and Hezbollah.

We cannot decide between 1st Amendment Rights and Hate Speech. Colleges are protesting our support of Israel, and High School teachers are threatened by students for supporting Israel. More than 60% of Americans disagree with Biden’s policies on the Economy, Domestically and Foreign, but Biden shrugs it off, saying Americans don’t understand. 30% approval is because Americans are stupid. Brilliant explanation, Joe.

I don’t think Joe Biden can get America back on track. Joe Biden has lost sight of our track. But, the only chance we have is for Biden to step down from his ridiculous attempt at re-election. As poor Jimmy Carter was wheeled out for his wife’s funeral service today, I realized he and Joe have more in common than we imagined. I do not say that to disrespect Carter. He is 99 years old. But it is to disrespect Joe Biden because I do not respect him. He hates America, has done everything in his power to destroy her, and has committed treason against the American people. He cannot leave office soon enough.

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