Joe, You Have A Different View Of Democracy Than We Do

By Ray Cardello for April 27, 2023, Season 17 / Post 42

In Joe Biden’s early morning announcement video on Tuesday, he made numerous references to restoring Democracy and the Soul of the Country. We have a serious problem here as the actions of Joe Biden and the Democrat party show a lack of understanding or disrespect for Democracy. He also mentioned restoring our Freedoms, and we see a disconnect between his video and reality.

On the day Biden formally announced his candidacy for re-election, the DNC released a statement that no debates would be held during the primary season. This unprecedented move is obviously made to protect Joe Biden, but what about the right of Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Marianne Williamson, the two declared candidates today, to question Biden on his record and to let America know their positions on significant issues? This DNC decision disrespects the other candidates and the American voters, but that is how Biden and the Democrats see Democracy. These two people, and anyone else who announces their candidacy, deserve a chance to be heard, and it is not consistent with a Democracy to deny them their opportunity.

Karine Jean-Pierre prefaced her briefing yesterday to clarify that she would not discuss any campaign issues or questions from the podium. She had no problem interjecting into her comments and responses negative comments about MAGA Republicans. KJP knows that any reference to MAGA attack Donald Trump and his supporters. She skirts the Hatch Act by not mentioning Trump by name, but the intent is obvious, and she should be called out for it.

So let us talk about the freedoms and direction of the country that Joe Biden claims he is so concerned about and responsible for. Our incomes are no longer able to sustain our lifestyles. The inflation we experience is a direct result of Biden’s policies. He claims he inherited an economy in free fall, but inflation was at 1.2%, and we were in positive growth coming out of the Pandemic. The 12 million jobs Biden claims to have created are the 12 million lost at the start of COVID. Biden has created nothing. It costs 20-30% more to heat our homes which have lost significant value as interest rates have slowed the real estate market. The rising interest rates are supposed to slow the Biden Inflation and hold off a recession.

We no longer feel safe in our communities as the Left has decimated our police forces, and Fentanyl coming from China through Mexico is killing 100,000 young people yearly. Parents are no longer part of their children’s educational process as teachers help our children decide on their future gender. You expect us to supply benefits and free education for the illegal immigrants you welcome into our country and pay for our neighbor’s children’s student loans. These financial burdens you have created for Americans have more of us living paycheck to paycheck. Our 401Ks have lost so much value our retirement years look far less inviting than planned. Sorry, Joe, we are not enjoying your plan for America.

This vision is the America you have given us, Joe. And you tell us you are not finished yet. How much more damage do you have planned? You may not be finished, but we are finished with you.

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