Just Need Santa And A Snowball

By Ray Cardello for June 18, 2023, Season 20 / Post 14

Saturday, the events in Philadelphia were poised to make the people of the City of Brotherly Love forget the I-95 tragedy of last week. A week ago, a truck accident involving highly explosive cargo took out both sides of the major interstate leaving over 100,000 daily commuters looking for alternate routes. This highway will be down for months, choking neighborhoods with frustrated drivers. In a city that usually mocks its nickname with acts of defiance like pelting Santa with snowballs at an Eagles game, Biden’s visit today could not have been staged to look worse. This was Biden’s first scheduled campaign event since announcing his reelection bid a couple of months ago, and if this is what we can expect from Joe’s Team, he best head for the basement.

The President arrived in Philly, and the onlookers held their collective breaths as Biden navigated the long staircase from Air Force One to the tarmac. He appeared to point to the few politicians waiting to welcome him, and I wondered if he was questioning the appearance of John Fetterman, the Junior Senator of Pennsylvania. Everybody in attendance, including the President of the United States, was dressed in a suit and tie, except for Fetterman. Someone on the Senator’s staff told him it was appropriate to meet the President, ride in Marine One, and speak at a Presidential campaign event wearing gym shorts, sneakers, and a hoodie. This is not a poor show of respect by a man recovering from a stroke and posing as a Senator. This appearance is a slap in the face and a display of ignorance by a buffoon who has no place in federal politics and is amongst the 100 most influential people in the country. It gets worse.

Someone, possibly the same person who approved Fetterman’s wardrobe, gave the Senator time at the podium. Fetterman is a man of few words but too many to enunciate safely. Fetterman had a few sentences prepared to introduce the President but was thrown off track like a train through East Palestine. He stumbled through his thoughts and could not get two words in particular out at all. Delegation and infrastructure proved too tricky, and I am not sure anyone could attribute the challenge to his stroke. It was painful to watch, but the scene angered most because this man, John Fetterman, should not have been elected. The voters of Pennsylvania own the election of Fetterman, which is a national embarrassment.

The President was there today to tout his infrastructure bill as a reason to return him to the White House for four more years. It is not. And there is no single or group of reasons to give Joe Biden four more years to continue his destruction of America. The I-95 incident is not an example of our infrastructure problems. This catastrophe was due to an unfortunate acccident, not deterioration. Biden called the repair of the highway the most critical project in America. He has already forgotten the good folks of East Palestine who will be looking at health issues for decades. Had those folks voted for Biden, they would deserve attention. In Joe’s world, every decision comes down to what you can do for him. A vote or a deposit into one of his many bank accounts will win you favor. This is from a man who said he would be a president for all Americans. He lied. What a surprise.

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