Kamala Harris…..Voting Rights Czar

By Ray Cardello for June 2, 2021 Season 1 / Post 137

Kamala Harris has done such a bang-up job on the Border Crisis and the massive, progressive bills that she is to push through Congress. She has done such a great job that Joe Biden has tapped her once again. I probably shouldn’t use the term tapped, as that is how she got her start in politics. Seriously, Joe Biden has put Kamala Harris in charge of solving the Voter Rights issues on the Federal level.

Harris’ appointment is good news for all Conservatives. If the recent past is any proof, we can count on her doing absolutely nothing. What a tremendously ineffective Vice President. How are we so lucky to have her by Joe’s side? What is more disappointing? The fact that Joe Biden thinks Americans believe in him and Kamala or that Kamala smiles, nods, accepts the role, and then does nothing?

If Kamala Harris uses this time standing at Joe’s side as training for moving into the big chair, she is fooling no one. She is ill-equipped for the task of President and Vice President. She is in the deepwater and cannot swim. Harris being Vice President is not a situation for Conservatives to gloat over. She is our Vice President. We have to be pulling for her to step up and perform the duties. There are obviously not enough of us pulling. She is failing miserably.

Biden put Harris in charge of the effort to solve the chaos at the Southern Border. This appointment was nearly four months ago, and we are still waiting for the first update from the V.P. The Border is also still waiting for Harris’ first visit to the out-of-control situation. Biden also charged Harris with escorting his multiple multi-trillion-dollar
bills through Congress. With the slim majority that the Democrats enjoy, the chances of any of these bills ever finding the resolute desk for signature are slim. Is Harris being set up for failure intentionally, or are we being played for fools?

I watched segments of an interview that Harris had with MSNBC. It was difficult to watch as she talked about all the times she has been held back and how she has heard “no” so many times in her life. So many times that she eats “no” for breakfast. Maybe she should have said “No” when the man she called a Racist and Sex-offender during the primaries asked her to be his running mate. Being ever the opportunist, she jumped at the chance to be vice president, which is the only way she will ever find herself using the Oval for an office.

She went on to talk about all the people she mentors (I would like to see that list) and how she tells them to seize opportunities. Well, she seized the opportunity this past weekend to honor our fallen heroes who gave their lives so she could be in her current position in life. Instead, she ignored the reason for the holiday we were celebrating, and her official tweet said, “Enjoy the long weekend.” Very disrespectful, but that is what we should expect from Kamala Harris. She did take the photo opportunity to appear with Biden to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Hypocritical is the only word for her actions.

There is no need to talk about her new role. She will do nothing about it. Maybe that is what we should hope for in her remaining time in Washington. Do no harm and just do nothing.

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