Kamala….Nobody Else is Laughing!

Ray Cardello April 1, 2021

It is apropos that this post is falling on April 1st but unfortunately it is not an April Fools Joke….Kamala Harris is our Vice President. Even Dan Quayle and Al Gore were more Presidential than our first female of color Vice President. But that one qualifier, female of color, was the only imperative in selecting a running mate for Joe Biden. We got what we deserved. Joe Biden hid his mental decay for months as he hunkered in his basement and the token VP candidate just rode along with him to the White House. Over 80 million voters, some of them legit and alive, were conned. When was the last time you heard a friend brag about voting for Joe Biden? There is a huge case of buyer’s remorse and a feeling of helplessness as we are stuck with the odd duo for the next four years. We just have to minimize the damage they are trying to inflict on the populace.

It has been painful and uncomfortable watching Kamala Harris over the last few months. She is present for nearly every Biden public event, looming in the background dressed in her signature black pantsuit and black mask looking as eerie as the grim reaper. Not sure what her purpose is as she rarely speaks. It appears that she is simply there like a reliever in the bullpen….ready in case the starter, in this case our President, runs out of gas. She wasn’t with Joe in Pittsburg today and maybe she should have been. It was extremely obvious that he was running out of gas as he wound down. He was losing his place, his focus was gone and his tempo and rhythm was definitely off a beat or two. If Kamala was there, she may not have had anything to add, but her laugh might have refocused the audience that Joe had lulled to sleep.

So let’s talk about Kamala and specifically her uncontrollable silly laughter. What is that all about. It does not seem to matter what the subject matter is, she can turn anything into a laugh track. A couple of obvious situations. She was appearing in Florida, a state that has been a study in how to recover quickly from a Pandemic by not listening to the feds and using common sense instead. As she was getting off her plane, she had the audacity to proclaim, “Hello Florida, Help is here”. Seriously? Can you be anymore tone deaf? No, you cannot. She took a few questions from the press pool and one of them was as to whether she was going to visit the Southern Border to see the crisis for herself. She went into her best pitched laugh and said yes, but not today! That must be one of the funniest punchlines of all time. No wonder she could not stop laughing. Sorry, it was not funny. The question was legitimate and her answer was amateurish. She or Biden are yet to go to the epicenter of the crisis they created. A disaster in the stroke of a pen. Such power.

The next instance occurred last Thursday when she was at a campaign stop. She was discussing the difficulty that parents have faced homeschooling their children for the last year. She began laughing so hard, she was not able to get her words out. First she was at a campaign spot while not taking time to get to the border but then the key point of laughing about a situation that has turned parent’s lives upside down to do the job that teachers should have been doing and has set our kids back in so many ways that cannot be measured. To many, you cannot get more serious then when it comes to their children and our Vice President is treating it like the opening of SNL. Immature, insensitive, ignorant……all that we can expect for the woman who is one breath away from the Oval Office. Kamala may laugh about that but it scares the hell out of the rest of us…….sorry, not funny.

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