Kamala’s Book is Flying at the Border

By Ray Cardello for May 2, 2021 * Season 1 * Post 106

Kamala Harris was assigned to the Southern Border Crisis over one month ago. We are seeing just how effective a leader, or even a doer, our Vice President is. In thirty days, she has not had one press conference to detail her plans or to give an update. In thirty days, she has not found it in her schedule to visit the Border. In thirty days, the flood of illegals has continued to flood across our Border but wait. Every unaccompanied minor is getting a copy of the VP’s book, “Superheros are Everywhere,”…..just not on the job.
There are so many angles to this situation with Kamala and the Southern Border. In true style, she has redefined the role a few times. From dealing with the crisis to coordinating with the Cabinet to utilize resources to visiting the Northern Triangle countries to nip the problem at the source. None of it is being done.
She did come close to the Border when she was in Los Angeles for the long Easter weekend but could not slice out some time for a field trip to the South. She was close to our Northern Border when she was in New Hampshire this week to sell the Infrastructure Bill. We don’t have a problem with the North, but maybe she is just geographically challenged.
The story about the Cabinet doesn’t deserve any time, but the Northern Triangle plan does. First, she claims that she will solve the issues of Poverty, Lack of Opportunity and Environmental Issues in the Triangle that are forcing people to flee and take a long dangerous walk to America. Since we cannot solve those issues in our backyard, how does she possibly think she can wave her magic wand down there? How many Billions of dollars will we send there to be absorbed by corrupt governments in the name of “solving” the issue? Next, she claims that her task now is the same as Joe Biden’s was when serving eight years under Obama. Apparently he was a total failure in his efforts, and she is on a path to emulate the results.
One thing that Kamala Harris was able to do is to have a copy of her book included in the welcome kit given to every unaccompanied minor who crosses our Border into our country. Indoctrination starts early, even if the material is not in the native language of the children receiving the gift. This plan all seems part of the Democrat playbook. Do nothing, waste money, and turn the effort into a self-promotion campaign. Thirty days of nothing but in that time, 3,500 illegals crossed every day into our country. Apparently Kamala Harris doesn’t see that as a crisis but as a way of moving 105,000 copies of her book. That may just put her on the Best Sellers List and a possible Nobel Peace Prize in Literature. Guess in her mind that is a successful mission.

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  1. As this lead story has now been reported as false by itself, is it appropriate for you to also post a retraction. Just curious.