Kill the Filibuster, Pack the Court, Destroy Our Future

Senator Ed Markey, Representative Jerry Nadler and a group of minor support characters took to the steps of the Supreme Court on Thursday at High Noon to announce their plan to destroy the Senate and the Supreme Court. There primary argument is that balance must be restored in government and the Supreme Court stands in their way. With the Democrats in control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, it is obvious that balance is not what they are looking for but Total Dominance for the future is their goal.

This effort is being presented by others but it is the placement of Joe Biden in the White House that is facilitating these left wing, radical initiatives. He was elected, claiming to be a moderate, but his actions show that his desire to be the most progressive President in history may come to fruition. He is malleable and will bend to the wishes of the progressive wing of the party. Listen to his statements in 1983 when he called FDR’s effort to pack the court a bonehead attempt at a power grab. Fast forward to the campaign when he would not give his position on court packing to most recently when he created a taskforce to review the impact of packing the SCOTUS. His next step would be to sign the bill. He must be dizzy from his spinning.

This is a simple power grab by the Radical Left Wing of the Democrat Party. The Supreme Court has been at 9 justices since 1869. There is no Constitutional mandate on the number of Justices but it is left to the Congress to decide. Packing the court is not what the founding fathers had in mind. If the Democrats are successful at killing the filibuster, which will be necessary to facilitate this initiative, then they will have a clear path to having Joe Biden submit four liberal justices and destroy the Court forever.

Jerry Nadler actually said this is not packing but unpacking the court.

These people have no scruples for lying to the American public. They know what they are doing and are hoping the public is too stupid to connect the dots. They are standing behind a sign that says “Expand the Courts” but these refuse to admit they are looking to pack the court to allegedly give the Liberals a 7-6 majority for years. These folks can stand in front of SCOTUS and proclaim that it has become a corrupt institution that is simply in place to help move forward a Conservative agenda. Apparently the fact that Chief Justice Roberts has been a disappointment to Conservatives by siding with the liberal justices more often than not. Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch have voted on both side of the aisle. If we wanted to pack the Court with one sided Justices, we failed.

There is little chance of this bill seeing the Oval Office for signature but crazier things have happened. Don’t trust Nancy Pelosi when she says she will not move this bill to the floor. If the polls say to push it she will push. Don’t trust Joe Biden who condemned the idea in ‘83 and during the debates. He cannot remember either. This is a battle we cannot lose. We have to stay on top of the movement of this bill and support those who are in Congress and vowed to never let it pass. Keep fighting folks. We have your backs.

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