Let the Gun Grab Begin

Ray Cardello. April 10, 2021

The only thing missing in the Rose Garden on Thursday when President Joe Biden started his assault on the Second Amendment was Beto O’Rourke wearing a t-shirt proclaiming “We are coming for your guns”. It was nice to see our Vice President be able to introduce the President without laughing and cackling hysterically. They must have had her sedated. But again, what is her purpose? If she wants to do something about violence, get down to the border and solve the chaos that she and Joe have created. Let her stop the flow of illegal drugs and guns coming across the border they are trying to eliminate.

Joe Biden gave us a civics lesson in the flexibility of Amendments and our Constitution and then went on to a litany of ways he was going to punish and restrict legal gun owners while never addressing the criminal side of gun deaths and mass shootings. The reason for this is clear. This is not about homicides in Chicago, shootings by a frustrated sex addict in Georgia or deranged killer in Colorado….this is about seizing the opportunity to come after our guns, magazines and gun supports.

Biden started off his speech with a claim that no Amendment to the Constitution is cast in stone and therefore he can make changes as he sees fit with the stroke of his Executive Order Pen in the name of safety for us all. Who other than Dom Lemon, Chris Cuomo and the cast of The View believes this lie? Between Joe Biden and his sarcastic spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, truth and transparency died on January 20th.

The AR-15 would just be a start for Beto and his gang.

In addition to six new restraints Biden wants to impose by EO, he also has named David Chipman to be director of ATF, or AFT as Biden continuously referred to the agency obviously thinking he was in front of a teacher’s union group. Chipman is know widely as anti-gun. In 2019, he made the following comments:

Speaking to PBS: “Talking to any gun owner, a 100-round magazine is just not traditional. It’s not normal. And I can’t think of a purpose, beyond killing a lot of people, for having it,” he said. “So if the debate is, should it be 10 or what have you, it can’t be 100. And so I think there’s room where we can have progress, although we will not have perfection.”

And in light of FBI records last summer showing US firearm background checks having skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic, Chipman told CNN at the time: “My biggest concern involves the potential number of first time gun buyers who, before March, did not think they needed a gun.”……maybe efforts to defund the police may have something to do with people needing to protect themselves. David Chipman may be more dangerous to our Second Amendment rights than Beto ever could have been.

Biden went on to target “Ghost Guns” as a new epidemic of unregistered guns flooding the market with no serial numbers or background checks involved in the construction of these weapons. Please name me one mass shooting that has even mentioned a Ghost Gun as the weapon of choice.

He also wants to see pistol braces removed from public use. These accessories for pistols are primarily used by target shooters and again, when have you ever heard of one being used in any unlawful shooting? You haven’t. The Boulder shooter allegedly used a pistol brace but that is yet to be confirmed. There are over 2 million pistol braces already in gun owner’s hands and Biden either wants to tax them or have them taken out of circulation.

He also wants to limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds. If that is the case, 4 of my 5 pistols could now be deemed illegal. I have bought them legally, went through a background check for each and now I may be breaking a Biden Law for owning legal firearms just because the magazines for my 22 and 9mm pistols hold more than 10 rounds.

There are other bullets in Biden’s war on guns. He is in favor of police departments seizing guns without a warrant from anyone they feel are a danger. This is being challenged in the Supreme Court. He also wants to see every state institute their own “Red Flag” laws. Red flag laws allow family members or law enforcement agencies to petition state courts to temporarily block people from obtaining firearms if they present a danger to themselves or others. Biden said states with such red flag laws have seen a reduction in the number of suicides. Of course there is no data to back that claim. Thank God that many Governors are already stepping into action and suing Biden and the Federal government should any of his proposed actions come to fruition.

This assault on our Second Amendment is just the start. The Democrats are not going to let this opportunity slip through their fingers. All of these provisions are aimed at legal gun owners and none of what he spoke about on Thursday will address the causes of mass homicides in cities like Chicago or senseless mass shootings anywhere. Gangs and mental illness were never mentioned. If he were able to get his entire wishlist enacted, criminals would still get weapons and shootings will still occur. The only thing he would have accomplished is to infringe on our right to protect ourselves as protected by the Constitution and Second Amendment and necessitated because Democrats like Biden, Harris et al have made this a less safe country than it was just a short time ago.

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  1. The anger and name calling behavior that is displayed directly and that hides underneath all of your posts probably would concern many people who are against the possession of military grade weapons in the public hands. You are obviously above that but how many of people of similar thoughts would be? Scary, indeed.