Let Them Eat Cake Redoux

By Ray Cardello for November 27, 2021 Season 7 / Post 17

The Democrats are the party of the people as long as the people are serving them well. With runaway inflation higher than we have seen in thirty years, gasoline prices up over 50%, as is home heating fuels, the President and all Democrat leaders must be in tune with the situation they have placed the average American. They must be sensitive to the truth that some Americans may have to choose between putting food on their table or turning on their heat to keep their families warm. These leaders would not think of rubbing their wealth in the faces of the middle class. You might think this, but you would be wrong.

The President and the two people in the line of succession have gone beyond all efforts to show they are the rich and famous. They are the ruling class. It is them, and then there is us. They cannot identify with us, and that is okay because they don’t care. They were elected, and they expect to be re-elected. They were born to be better.

Joe Biden, the Kid from Scranton, is spending the Thanksgiving weekend with Billionaire friends on Nantucket. I have a friend who lives on Cape Cod and would love to get up on his plane this weekend but not with the President enjoying his time on the island. The TFR, temporary flight restriction, will prohibit any private flight in the area until Biden leaves the Cape. If you are basking in a $30 million home on Nantucket, do you really care about the inconvenience you have placed on folks who actually call this region home? Of course not. Let them eat cake.

Kamala Harris, the failed Presidential candidate and failing Vice President, was recently in France representing the U.S. at a Climate Summit and embarrassing us using a French accent while making a public statement. She thought she was being cool. Her attempt was cruel. She then went on a spending spree at a kitchen shop in Paris. In a quick shopping blitz, Kamala spent upwards of $500 on some pots and pans. Americans are uncertain about the economy, food prices, and fuel prices, but our Vice President showed her sensitive side by dropping hundreds on French cookware. Let them eat cake.

Nancy Pelosi is fueling rumors of her retirement at the end of her current term in 2022. It is reported that Pelosi has purchased a 10,000 square foot, six bedrooms, waterfront mansion worth $25 million on Jupiter Island in Florida. To her defense, the home is in a racially diverse neighborhood as one of her neighbors will be Tiger Woods. Pelosi will be leaving tax-heavy San Francisco for the Free State of Florida. She will save a fortune in property and income tax in Florida. Ironic for the Great Lady of the tax and spend Democrats. The upside to all of us will be her absence in D.C. In the meantime, let them eat cake or, in Nancy’s case, ice cream.

It should be disconcerting to all Americans that these three millionaires have never spent a day in the private arena. They have amassed their fortunes “serving” the American people. Do you think for a minute these three have any concern for the price of a gallon of gas or a pound of turkey? Please, don’t kid yourself.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com