Material Liberation….Seriously?

Material being “liberated “

I try every day to come up with a simple post on something positive that has happened. Something uplifting. Something that does not show how upside down this new world has become. Today will not be that day. Sorry.

You cannot make this stuff up. The left has found a new way to avoid accountability. They have found a new way to avoid the appearance of chaos and violence at the hands of some radical left group. They have found a new way to put together legislation that spends incredible sums of taxpayer money on projects that would never pass on their own merits. The left’s new method is to simply rename or relabel actions or activities or pieces of legislation in the hope that we will get caught up and confused enough to not catch their destructive and dangerous activity.

The first rebranding effort is the new Infrastructure Bill or Jobs Bill. We have to check with Joe Biden or maybe Jen Psaki to see what the name du jour is. Infrastructure used to mean roads and bridges, highways and airports, trains and buses. Now it includes broadband which I can actually agree with as high-speed internet has become the hammer or screwdriver of modern life. Nearly everything we do today can be connected to the internet and having access to broadband services. Work, school, communication with friends and family, recreation, you name it and it is probably facilitated by a secure fast internet connection. The entire country, whether in the city or in the suburbs needs to have access to a broadband signal.

But how about low-income housing? How about childcare? How about care for the elderly? You have to believe that this is now part of the Personal Infrastructure, The Family Infrastructure, the Professional Infrastructure…..you name it and everything you can imagine falls under the new infrastructure of the left. Now I am sure that someone has gone on the record to say if you do not agree with the new definition of infrastructure that you are a racist…..guaranteed.

Or how about this new one and this one must get kudos for originality. The looting and rioting and destruction of businesses, stores and property, in general, is “material liberation”!!! People are not stealing, shoplifting, burning, looting destroying….they are liberating material goods that are in the possession of the privileged, the elite, and they need to set those material goods free but wait. They are not really free but they are now in the hands of someone who deserves them more than the person who bought them in the first place. Seriously, how do you possibly defend this argument? How does a person say this without cackling like Kamala Harris? It is too absurd to take seriously but to listen to politicians on the left or the Main Stream Media, they all got the same memo for they all have the same talking points. It almost makes you look forward to Nancy Pelosi’s weekly presser on Thursday just to see how her hand gestures will make these emphatic points work.

So as we enter the second summer of love. As the riots are happening again on a nightly basis in Portland, Minneapolis and other cities to follow, we can watch the interaction between “protestors” and police. We can watch people smashing storefront windows. We can watch the insides of retail stores destroyed and their inventory being liberated

Rest easy tonight. Don’t worry about the destruction you are witnessing with your own eyes. Don’t worry about the police trying in vain to keep the damage to a minimum. Don’t allow yourself to get anxious by what your eyes are telling you for according to the left, this is all peaceful protests and to think this is criminal activity, you must obviously be a racist……and God only knows what that means these days. Let’s check one of the Squad’s twitter accounts. I am sure they will set us straight

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  1. Hi Ray~
    Just had a conversation with my sister about the definition of infrastructure. She uses Merriam Webster’s 2nd definition.
    1 : the system of public works of a country, state, or region also : the resources (such as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity. 2 : the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization)

    So by her use of #2, “the underlying or basic framework ..,.” A good underwire bra fills that definition just perfectly. Even she laugher at that one!

    We will never be able to fix our problems as a society if we cannot agree on the the common language, such as “infrastructure”. A good documentart to watch, along these lines, btw, is Social Dilemma on Netflix. Very illuminating.

    Nice article Ray.