Mayorkas, This is Control, Define Chaos

By Ray Cardello for April 28, 2022        Season 10 / Post 22

When did leaders become so weak? When did it become okay to pass the buck rather than owning the moment and solving a problem? When did it become acceptable to lie when in front of Congress? Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas is glad that all of these acts are considered getting the job done.
I have written for a year and a half about the hapless staff that Joe Biden put together, but Mayorkas may be the cream of the crop. It is difficult to believe that these members of the Biden administration can collectively be so incompetent The only other option is they are not incompetent but were assembled to dismantle this country. If the latter is the case, Mayorkas is the runaway MVP.
Mayorkas is responsible for destroying the Sovereignty of our country by eliminating the Southern Border. He has effectively made us a borderless geographical body of land open to anyone worldwide. All these “migrants,” as Mayorkas calls them, need to do is cross the Rio Grande, hop on a bus or plane, and be taken to your destination of choice.
We have no idea where these people are from or their history or medical condition. That is not important to our current administration. They are transported under cover of night with the help of NGOs like the Catholic Church. The receiving city is rarely informed of the incoming new residents but is responsible for their well being. All 48 contiguous states are now border states.
Mayorkas is before Congress this week to testify on the conditions of the Border. Remember that neither Biden nor Harris have ever been to the Mexican Border. Mayorkas has visited multiple times. On his last visit, he faced angry comments from Border Guards, frustrated with his handling of the crisis. Mayorkas sees no crisis. In his mind, this unrelenting flow of migrants is under control. If that is the case, Mr. Secretary, please define chaos.
Mayorkas contends that this administration and his department inherited a broken system and that only Congress can solve it. If that is the case, what is his role, and why do we need a Department of Homeland Security? He does fit in perfectly with this finger-pointing team. Nothing is their fault, and it is always somebody else’s when they fail to correct it.
Mayorkas was grilled about Title 42. He favors the end of the program but again puts all responsibility on the CDC. The claim is that 42 was a health-related measure and did nothing to control the flow of illegal immigrants. Why does the administration project that the flow will double when 42 is stopped if that is the case?

This administration is a study in contradictions. They say things and then walk them back. They lie and then have the media support the lie. They accept no responsibility but pat themselves on the back when things go well, which is rare. To them, well is two million undocumented illegal aliens, enough fentanyl to kill us all, an untold number of terrorists and gang members, and don’t forget the illegal weapons. Maybe this is something Secretary Mayorkas will take credit for and then resign.

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