Nationalism Vs. Globalism

By Ray Cardello for May 14, 2022          Season 10 / Post 38

The alternate title for this post is America First Vs. America Last. There could not be two opinions or philosophies that are more diametrically opposed. Sovereignty Vs. Open Borders. Limited Government Vs. Central Government. This administration is in no way committed to America First and is more concerned, as the Radical Left, with tearing down all borders and destroying our nation’s sovereignty.
Nationalism aligns with the Conservative sector of the Republican Party. Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan were prime examples of leaders committed to Nationalism and America First. These men and their followers drive the Left crazy and are accused of being isolationists with no concern for the global society. This accusation is based on a false belief. Nationalists believe that we have to have a sovereign country and a society in harmony at home before interacting outside our borders. The borders need to be secure, and the military equipped and ready to defend on all fronts. The economy must be sound and employment levels adequate to meet demand. Your trade balance must be in equilibrium, and your leaders must be strong enough to fend off threats from rogue regimes.
Nationalism celebrates our collective pasts and recognizes our faults and efforts to correct them. It is an acknowledgment that we are not perfect but strive to be the best we can, and most of all gives the freedom to allow each individual to excel to their highest levels. It is individual rights with a common goal of excellence for all. It is what we have sent our men and women to battle to fight for over two hundred and fifty years. It was the brainchild of a few men wise beyond their years who crafted documents that saw into the future, and we still live by today. It was called an experiment that has served generations well when allowed to work as designed. It is why people from all corners of the world have risked everything to come here and enjoy the American Dream.
On the other hand, Globalism strives to stifle individualism. It is the dream of Progressives who, by definition, are forward-thinking with no regard for the past. That is why those who aspire to this philosophy are so quick to destroy any records of our history. They do not want people to look back and relish in their path, but to only look to tomorrow and how all can unify as one. Personal achievement is of no importance, for it is only the success of the collective which is the priority. Borders mean nothing, for they denote a difference, which is antithetical to their plan. To look back is only to show how evil those who went before us were and how the new vision of the future is pure.
The irony is that though Progressives preach equality, it requires a certain few, the anointed, to guide the flock, and this is where the system breaks down. This is where you have the haves and the have-nots. Progressivism, or Globalism, is a two-tier model. This fact destroys the theory of DEIJ and shows it as a scam perpetrated on the many by a chosen few. There may be equality in the masses, but that does not apply to the elite who shall rule and reap the rewards from the efforts of their minions. This fault is why Globalism will never work. There are no incentives for the individual, and eventually, they will recognize their plight and turn on the leaders.

The biggest contradiction for Globalists is why with all of our faults, why with us being the worst Racists man could imagine, and why people die in their efforts to breach our borders with our oppressive ways. These global migrants have one dream: to be a part of our experiment, for it is still superior to any other on earth.

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