No Justice For the Victims

By Ray Cardello for July 1, 2021 Season 2 / Post 17

Bill Cosby walked out of prison today around 3 PM, a free man. Dozens of women around the country gasped and cried today around 3 PM as their worst nightmare walked out of prison today, a free man.

Bill Cosby may be free, but he is not innocent. He still is guilty of committing heinous crimes against 60 women who were brave enough to come forward and face Bill Cosby. Sixty women who had their youth, their pride, their dignity, heck their lives stolen by the acts of America’s Dad. Only God and Bill Cosby know how many more victims there are who could not muster the courage to speak out. It doesn’t matter anymore as they were violated again today around 3 PM. This time they were not violated by an aging actor who saw himself as invincible. This time they were violated by the system.

Bill Cosby had only served three years of his 3 to 10-year sentence for drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women over twenty years starting in 1965. The 83-year-old Cosby returned home today in Pennsylvania after his conviction was overturned on a technicality. It was not new evidence that surfaced. It was not some new DNA test. It was not the actual animal who committed the assaults was found. He was set free on a technicality. He is still guilty, except he is free and sixty-plus women are still living in hell. A Pennsylvania judge around 3 PM did not serve justice today.

This case has ramifications that resonate far beyond Cosby and his victims. This case impacts every sexual assault case ever to be heard. Victims who may have dared to step up and testify may now think twice. Juries and jurors who are supposed to be objective will now be cynical. Bill Cosby, the comedian who made us all laugh before the truth came out, now has the last laugh. It is a bad joke.

Cosby’s conviction was overturned today because of a deal cut between Cosby and a District Attorney early on in the proceedings. According to that deal that was recently uncovered, Bill Cosby never should have seen the inside of a courtroom. Bill Cosby is guilty as hell, but tonight, he is free and his unknown number of victims are serving their life sentence.

There will be some who will say the justice system worked. This reversal of Cosby’s conviction will even be an argument against the death sentence. The problem is that everyone knows the truth here. Cosby is guilty, yet tonight he is free and can never be tried again for his crimes.

We all want justice. We all want the Justice system to work and be above reproach. Today, neither of these statements holds much water. Tonight we all feel a bit dirty, and our hearts go out to the dozens of women who thought this nightmare was over three years ago.

I watched Cosby return home today surrounded by his legal team and supporters. They all were claiming that an innocent man received a dose of justice today. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind. Today she was a little stupid, and it isn’t very pleasant.