Of Course Crime Rates Are Down When You Don’t Track The Crimes

By Ray Cardello for March 1, 2024, Season 25 / Post 4

Do they really think we are that ignorant? Do they really think that they can gaslight us that we are safer under Biden’s policies? Do they really think that we are deaf and blind to the horrid scenes that we watch with our morning coffee and again with our evening cocktail? Since Joe Biden has been our President, one cocktail is insufficient to get through the evening news.

Joe Biden addressed the press this week about the Biden initiative to continue to make our cities safer. He painfully stumbled through a list of crime categories that he claims are all showing the lowest rates in decades. One thing that is quite clear after three years of Joe Biden is stats mean nothing because you can play with the numbers to get your desired result. You need to look no further than inflation and employment numbers to see how useless they are. When you have put the cuffs on police, do not allow arrests, and put blindfolds on your District Attorneys so that criminals who do get arrested do not get prosecuted, the crime numbers. If you ignore crime, then, of course, the crime numbers will improve. The question then becomes, if you ignore crime, are there no victims? Of course not. Remember, we are watching the news and living in this crime-riddled world of Joe Biden.

We know the explosion of crime since 2020 and the death of George Floyd. It is incredible how ironic it is that the unfortunate death of a career criminal marks the start of the movement by the Left to declassify crime. Floyd is still celebrated to this day as a bill named in his honor passes through Congress. The bill is not to make the country safer for its citizens but to make handling criminals more humane. Ignore the elderly woman who just had her handbag snatched by a gang member riding a scooter. Look away from the shop owner who had to shut down his store because his insurance was canceled after so many ransackings. Shame the young woman who has to live the rest of her life remembering the day she was raped. Please don’t mention the name of the girl in Georgia whose head was disfigured from the beating she took that ended her life. But make sure you harken George Floyd’s name when discussing the need for compassion when dealing with the perpetrators of crime.

I admire Senator John Kennedy’s ability to stick a knife into a person testifying before his committee and still maintain the good old boy demeanor. He torched Federal Prison Director Peters this week when discussing the First Step Act, which puts selected criminals back into society. Director Peters administers the program. Kennedy asked her a series of questions, which the director was unable to answer:

  • How many criminals have been released in the four years of the program? (The answer is 30,000)
  • Were the victims notified their perpetrator was being released? (The answer I don’t know)
  • How many of the 30,000 released have been arrested for other crimes since? (The answer is I don’t know)
  • How many people work in your department? (The answer is 40,000)
  • How many of those 40,000 have still been working from home since COVID? (The answer is I don’t know)
  • So, how do we know the program works without the answers to any of these questions? (No answer)

An exasperated Kennedy closed his questions with the comment, “this is why Americans do not trust the government.”

And Joe Biden is another reason why we don’t trust the government. He and his family make up one of the biggest crime families in the country, and he preaches to us that crime is down. Sorry, Joe, we are not buying what you are pushing.

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