Our Leaders Need a Reality Check

By Ray Cardello for November 17, 2021 Season 7 / Post 8

And so does the Mainstream Media. There is a prevailing attitude by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, administration members, and the talking heads that they can say anything without fact check. Whether it is about the Border, Energy Crisis, Gas Prices, Mask or Vaccine Mandates, or Inflation, these people feel they can say whatever random thought they have, and we should be satisfied with their answer. They can laugh at us as the Energy Secretary did, and we should not be insulted.

The talking heads on CNN or MSNBC inject their version of the truth into news reports, and that is okay. These same people can label and malign individuals with impunity as part of their story. It is to the point where there is no news reporting on Mainstream Media. There is only opinion, but to their followers, these opinions are considered fact. Thus we have one of the reasons for the widening divide in our country. Everyone is walking around with diametrically opposed versions of events, not knowing the facts. It is like Bizarro Jerry!

We watched Antony Blinken perform miserably during the Afghanistan debacle. Only John Kerry could generate less enthusiasm and confidence. It was painful watching Pete Buttigieg discuss racist roads and bridges when he hosted a recent Press Briefing. The only thing worse was people congratulating Mayor Pete on the birth of his two children. It was as if he suffered through the labor pains of childbirth.

When Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked what she could do to curb the meteoric rise in gas prices, she laughed like Kamala Harris. Nothing is funny about $100 fill-ups at the pump. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas proves with every appearance that he is the most inept person ever to hold the position. You almost had to feel sorry for him today as Senator Ted Cruz eviscerated him in a Senate hearing. Mayorkas did not have a single answer for any of the Senator’s quick dose of questions about the Border. This is not the first time he has appeared before Congress, having done no prep work.

Biden spoke about inflation as he pushed his Build Back Better Bill, saying the Bill will ease the current 30-year high inflation rate. He mocked the group asking, “Did you ever think you would see gasoline prices this high”? Well, Mr. President, we did not, as just a year ago, we were energy independent. You have taken us back to the days of Jimmy Carter. That is a place we hoped we would never see again.

So, it is bad enough that this gang is working to transform, no, destroy our country, and they are mocking, laughing, and being condescending to America. It is insulting and reflects in the approval ratings of Biden and Harris. The infighting has begun between the Harris team and the Biden team. The Democrats are trying to find a way to do away with both before 2024.

Nobody is bragging about casting their vote for Joe Biden. Congressman Jim Clyburn is not banging his chest, proclaiming himself the kingmaker for pulling the strings that put Biden in the White House. Biden feels comfortable watching his country come down like a house of cards. Biden’s world is a Bizarro existence. When the dust settles, Joe will have set new records for negative performance in every metric we can measure. We can hope he will turn this ship around, but that would be futile. This is the world that Biden sees for us. It is his destiny. It is sad,

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com