“People Don’t Really Want to Leave Home”

By Ray Cardello for June 27, 2021. Season 2 / Post 13

“People do not want to leave their homes.” This phrase that Vice President Kamala Harris is using often is the basis for her plan to solve the crisis at our Southern Border. Harris believes that if she can solve the riddle of why people are fleeing Central America, then the mass migration of illegal immigrants will miraculously stop. She is wrong, period. It is a wonder how someone with such a naive outlook could have risen to become the first female black Vice President. It is even more of a wonder why so many on the Left have faith in her and her crisis assessment.

This migration is not a case of people wanting to leave home. Instead, this flow of illegal immigrants is making its way to America because Biden and Harris invited them. And because the chance of a better life for them and their families lies in America. This movement has nothing to do with climate, as the Left has suggested. It has to do with safety and the economy. Central America is a hell hole of corruption, poverty, and lack of opportunity-very similar to Chicago or San Francisco. We must note that there have been illegals crossing the border from over 75 countries. It is simplistic to believe that this is a Northern Triangle issue. This is an opportunistic situation where a weak administration has allowed this uncontrolled flow of humanity to continue. For the rest of us, this is a frustrating situation that appears to have a logical solution-close the border. Unfortunately, Biden and Harris show no inkling that they have a desire to end this crisis.

So why does Kamala Harris have such parochial thinking that we can identify and solve the issues driving people out of Guatemala, Honduras, or Nicaragua? We are in no position to be counseling any other people on the correct way to manage their lives. We have so many issues within our own country that need attention. We are in no position to think of ourselves as role models.

Let’s look at some of our issues. First, violence is up dramatically in our big cities. Double and even triple, digit increases in murder, rape, and assaults are common in New York, Minneapolis, and Portland. Unemployment is up. Employment is down. School dropout rates are up. Inflation is up. Gas prices are up. Housing prices are through the roof, as are apartment rentals. Gang violence is up, and illegal firearms are everywhere. We are a mess, so why do we think we can help other countries get on track? We don’t. Kamala and Joe don’t. It is all for show.

The last thing the Democrats want to do is fix the border crisis. They love the trove of potential new voters coming over the border. So they will withstand all criticism as they put on a show for moderates and do nothing-exactly what the radical Left wants them to do. Her trip to El Paso this week was all for show. Donald Trump is going to the Rio Grande next week, and she had to do something quickly. So she threw together a quick trip, went to a safe zone, placated those who criticized her for not going to the border, and had time in front of the camera to talk about the “root cause.” Root Cause is just a catchphrase. It is an easy term for Harris and all on the trip to latch onto. Her trip was such a disaster that two of Harris’ staff tasked with preparing her trips resigned this week.
The staff is jumping ship.

Her words mean nothing. Her actions mean less. This game Harris is playing is disingenuous. She will keep up the rhetoric. Her traveling entourage will continue to echo her words, and the mainstream media will continue to nod their heads in rhythm to her voice. How long can she keep up the charade? No answer here. But give her a black suit, paper mask, plane ticket, and an adoring media following, and she will continue this charade.

We are getting a grip on this “root cause.” But, unfortunately, it is an ineffective administration that is operating like a ship lost at sea. Someone needs to get the sails set, and the rudder gripped before our enemies realize we are dead in the water and defenseless. Instead, they are simply circling the boat waiting for the perfect moment to eat their prey. We are their chum.

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