People Turned Off, MSM Turned On

By Ray Cardello for May 2, 2021 * Season 1 * Post 106

Watching President Biden’s first address to Congress, it was evident that less than one-half of the Senate and House was in attendance. The American People got the same memo that Congress did as the address garnered less than fifty percent of the lowest number of viewers of any recent Presidential Addresses. These no-shows were the intelligent people because the hour spent with the President was not a good use of time. The speech was a sixty-seven-minute exercise in connecting meaningless catchphrases. There was a tremendous amount of promises and fluff but very little meat. It should be called the President’s Vegan Address to the Woke.

As I look through the various news sites and watch the various cable news shows, I am confused about the speech, the ratings, and reviews. The President talked about his multiple programs that will take care of Americans from the cradle to the grave. He promised childcare, healthcare, education from K-16, housing assistance, government-created Union jobs, and senior care. The only thing not promised was burial assistance. The package is a Progressive’s dream, but at $6 Trillion, it is a nightmare for America. Though the President claims the services will be funded by corporations and the rich paying their “fair” share. First, nobody ever defines “fair,” and everyone knows this will add Trillions to our National Debt.

The overnight ratings on viewers indicate anywhere from 20-26 Million viewers, down from the 46 Million for Donald Trump’s Address in 2020. This lack of interest makes no sense for a President that people claim to have overwhelming support, though his approval rating has slipped to 52%. That rating is the lowest of any President at this time in decades. Another rating claims that over 70% of viewers came away with a positive perception. The viewers had to be 90% Democrat for that to be possible.

The reviews were a combination of bizarre and disturbing. The audio clips that were everywhere you looked on Thursday were excited comments of people with tingles going up their legs. These were not comments from real news people but fans or Biden Groupies. Let’s look at a few:

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell breaks down Joe Biden’s first presidential address to Congress and comments on the “simplicity” of the president’s language: “Every single sentence had a very clear point to it and every line of it had that ‘Biden humility’ in it.”

Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace contrasts Biden’s optimistic tone and desire to work across the aisle in his first joint address to Trump’s first joint address to congress, where the former POTUS spoke of “American carnage” and emphasized partisanship

Van Jones on CNN: “Look, I just think that he is the guy we need right now,” Jones agreed. “When he talked about ‘I’m going to heal the soul of America,’ a lot of people thought that was some corny stuff. But to see the President of the United States standing up there, he didn’t say ‘you need me.’ He said ‘I need you.’ I need you. I mean, my God, that is — isn’t that it? We need each other.”

These examples are just a snippet. The Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds, and cable shows are a trove of news celebrities working hard to praise the President’s speech. Nothing on the content but only praise for the tone. Pathetic reporting and shows why viewers of CNN and MSNBC have such a parallel universe view of reality. If I wanted a feel-good speech, I would watch reruns of Mr. Rogers. When I watch the President, I want truth and patriotism, not fantasy and anti-American rhetoric. Why, if these politicians hate this country so much, don’t they leave? Let those of us that love this country continue to make the greatest country on earth even better. It will be by their absence.

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