Racism Needs to be Redefined

By Ray Cardello for January 31, 2021 Season 8 / Post 33

The Left loves to label the country, therefore all of us, as Systemic Racist. Disagree with someone, and you are racist. Complain about illegal border crossings, and you are racist. Complain about the performance of Vice President Kamala Harris, and God knows she deserves all of the criticism heaped upon her, and you are racist. The calls of racism are so frequent that they have become white noise.

I contend that the Left and their identity politics campaign are the real racists in this story. I grew up in a town of immigrants. Every neighborhood had its roots and culture. I was raised to treat everyone equally. The Irish, Italians, Portuguese, French, Spanish, even the Jewish had their piece of town, stores, church, or temple. I had friends in every corner of town, and we enjoyed each other’s cultures. We learned from them. We came to where we were from different paths, but we are all here now.

Discriminating against any person is racist and wrong. It is equally bad to isolate individuals and use them to advance a woke agenda. Things as simple as Black History Month, Pride Month, or complicated as Black Lives Matter have all hit a sour note for me for years. I have always thought these patronizing events or groups as even more egregious than discrimination. These instances are using entire groups of people for personal gain. It is all so transparent, but so is the Left. They claim to be the party of the people. The truth is they are the party that uses people. It is pathetic.

The irony of the last sixty years is the con that the Democrats still play on the minority groups of America. The Democrats were the party of slavery, the KKK (remember the history of Senator Robert Byrd), and their use of Blacks and Hispanics to secure their elections. By the way, Robert Byrd lived such a lie that his birth name was Cornelius Calvin Sale Jr. He managed to parlay a life that included a stint as Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan into a 51 career as Senator from West Virginia. His lie exemplifies the Left. They may have finally overplayed their hand.

The country is not ready or in need of a transformation to Socialism. We are not prepared for cars with batteries included or windmills in our backyard. And the Black and Brown voters are waking up to the Democrats using them to secure their office only to forget them until the next campaign. It is a game that worked for years, but it is coming to an end.

The outcome does not justify a premise that was still wrong. Ronald Reagan made a mistake when he committed to putting the first female justice on the highest court. Sandra Day O’Connor was the product of that misstep, and the country was the beneficiary of a quality person and judicial career. Biden made the same mistake with Kamala Harris, and unfortunately, nobody is being served by her being the first Black female Vice President. He is wrong to be narrowing his choice to replace retiring Justice Breyer with a Black Female.

It is a wrong decision and a racist act. Joe Biden is not serving his country but his radical progressive wing of the party. Unfortunately for Joe, he is no Ronald Reagan, and this decision is not just a singular slip, but another in a string of bad decisions and outcomes.

Patronizing and identity politics is the new racism. The Democrats, who have been the masters of racism for decades, have changed the rules and the terms, but the outcome is the same. They identify particular groups of people and find a way to use them to secure their positions and maximize their power base. This is one reason we see more people registering as Republicans than Democrats in years. The pendulum is swinging and will be in the correct position for a red tsunami come November.

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  1. It’s interesting. What I don’t get is if America is so bad and racist and needs transformation….what in the world are those MILLIONS of illegal immigrants walking thousands of miles and risking their and their children’s lives doing??? Ask them why they came here and you’ll get the truth about America.