Remember “Flatten the Curve?”

By Ray Cardello for November 13, 2021 Season 7 / Post 4

It was not that long ago that the government was only looking to “Flatten the Curve” for two weeks to show that we were coming out of the Pandemic of 2020. We often heard that if we got to “Herd Immunity” of 70%, we would have reached a point where we could relax restrictions. Herd Immunity included those vaccinated and those who had had COVID-19 and were naturally immunized. Dr. Fauci, and nearly everyone in government power, told us that we needed to “follow the science” and be back to everyday living and normal life. Apparently, these talking points were just pieces of cheese leading us to the giant left-wing mousetrap.

None of these metrics was enough for Fauci or Biden as their quest for power and control over America has forced them to keep moving the goalposts. Through Mask and Vaccine Mandates and the use of government and private methods of pressure, these folks may never be at a point of satisfaction. They are intoxicated with the control and power they have developed over us and are now looking at creative means to tighten the noose. We seem to be powerless, and the Republicans are without the numbers to stop the effort. Fortunately, the courts give us a glimmer of hope as they put the brakes on some of Biden’s unconstitutional plans.

Attempts to chip away at OSHA’s vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees saw success on Saturday, November 6.
A federal panel ruled the mandate cannot be enforced after business owners across the South filed lawsuits with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. This ruling will prevent massive terminations or fines that could have had devastating impacts on small businesses and even shutdowns. Biden is still successful in pressuring large companies to enforce his vaccine mandate voluntarily, and we are seeing more enterprises reverting to mask requirements.

These voluntary actions are having a significant impact on essential sectors like healthcare and public safety. Hospital workers, firefighters, and police are being suspended or terminated for failure to be vaccinated. These are areas where there were already staffing problems, and those are now becoming department closures in hospitals, closings of firehouses, and fewer police on our streets. Going into the busy holiday travel season, the airlines feel the impact of their part in the vaccine mandate.

Travelers are being stranded, or plans changed last minute as the airlines are canceling flights due to insufficient staffing. Some airlines are terminating service to remote airports, which will put a strain on remaining carriers. American Airlines is offering triple pay to Flight Attendants who will work during Thanksgiving weekend. That action alone should tell travelers to prepare for long lines and poor service during the busiest travel weekend of the year.

One state, in particular, has been way ahead of the curve on maintaining a lifestyle as close to normal as possible during the Pandemic. The State of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis continue to be a beacon of hope. Critics point to the number of cases and call DeSantis irresponsible for his management through the crisis. The numbers of cases, and even deaths, may appear high but not when you consider the state’s population and compare the numbers to New York or California. Texas has also faired well, and it is a wonder why other states have not followed their template.

DeSantis has to be public enemy number one to the Biden team. The Governor has balked at every Biden decision and has no problem taking them to court if need be. DeSantis is making the right moves for his state and his constituents which is precisely what a good leader is expected to do. We just rarely see it in action. His performance under pressure is why DeSantis has risen to the number one choice to be the Republican candidate if Trump does not run in 2024.

Biden will continue his relentless push for control, but the people are showing they have had enough. The Border, energy prices surging for homes and autos, inflation, and shortage of goods have brought the people to the point they are ready to fight back. The best punch we can throw is our vote, and we showed on November 2 how powerful a punch we have. The Dems know they are now in a cage match, and they are looking like they know the end of this power-grab is near.

This article first appeared on The Liberty Loft and can be seen at thelibertyloft.com

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  1. Your blog, once again, starts out with an inaccurate statement. Flattening the curve is used to describe the effort to slow down the rate of new cases so as to not overwhelm the capacity of the medical system to treat new cases.