Roe V. Wade…Where is Disinfo Czar

By Ray Cardello for May 4, 2022 Season 10 / Post 28
There is absolutely no limit to the lengths Liberals will go to manipulate elections. You cannot call it stealing elections, for that will get you banned from most Social Media platforms. By all parties involved, this act to leak an internal memo from the Supreme Court regarding the possibility of the Court overturning Roe V. Wade is grand larceny.
On Monday evening, the leftist website Politico reported that a clerk at the highest Court disclosed that the United States Supreme Court was poised to overturn Roe V. Wade. This story, along with the media meltdown that immediately erupted, resulted in people taking to the steps of SCOTUS to show support for abortion rights.
Whether this is a factual story or a ploy by Liberals to redirect the midterm momentum, there are many ramifications. That is the story here, as we can debate Roe V. Wade should a decision come down.
To emphasize how important this story is to the Left, you only need to see media outlets labeling the leaker as a hero. If true, the individual who passed the memo to Politico has destroyed the credibility of the last bastion of integrity in our political system.
We will need to uncover the person who delivered the documents to Politico before knowing the person’s motive. Leaking the draft of the ruling will not sway a justice to change a vote. I believe this breach of security was done to influence the midterm elections. Biden has put all Democrat candidates in such a hole with his horrific performance that they needed a blockbuster issue to rile the Democrat base. No issue is more volatile and emotional than abortion.
There are significant issues that are impacting every American. The highest inflation in 50 years, the highest gas prices in history, the removal of our Southern Border and sovereignty, over 100,000 Fentanyl deaths a year, and a weakening of our national security are not enough to stoke the emotions of Democrats. But threaten to restrict the opportunity for a woman to kill her unborn fetus, and you have people marching in protest.
Many go to hyperbole to claim that an issue threatens our Democracy or Republic. This violation of the security and trust that has existed since the beginning of our country attempts to corrupt the High Court. Of all facets of our government, none have the trust and respect of the American people like the Supreme Court and its Justices.
The Supreme Court has a Police Force, but the FBI has been called to head up the investigation. The FBI does not conjure trust, but it is the only department that can handle an investigation of this magnitude. The leaking of info is not a crime in itself but should the leaker lie about their actions, they will have broken the line.
You can see by the comments from Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, and other Democrats that they will get the most mileage possible from this situation. They are making the leap from Abortion Rights to include same-sex marriage issues to inflame as many on the Left as possible.
There is also talk about the consequences the leaker will face when uncovered. That will depend significantly on the person’s position in the Court. Suffice that the Court and Conservatives will want harsh treatment while the Left will be looking for leniency. The Left is going on the record calling the leaker Brave and a Hero. That makes it quite clear how different the thinking is on both sides of the argument.
This story will have more legs than most. We, on the right, cannot allow this to cloud all of the other issues impacting this country. The Left wants to obscure all of the issues drawing Biden down in the polls and every Democrat with him. That pressure has to stay in place, and that is our job. Let’s take off the gloves and fight dirty like the Left. It is our only chance to take back this country.
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  1. They also like to claim that white supremacists are behind the pro life movement, yet 50% of the women who receive abortions are black. Blacks make up 13.4% of the population and only a fraction of that are women of birthing age.