Rules Are For Thee, Not For Me

By Ray Cardello for August 24, 2021 Season 3 / Post 21

How many examples do we need to understand that the rules thrown at us from on high are all about status and power? For nearly eighteen months, we have been watching the people who wrote the rules boldly break them on video and tell us that they have a reason to do so. So move along, nothing to see hear and make sure your mask is covering your nose!

You see, these people cannot be hindered by rules meant for the masses. Lori Lightfoot could not be seen daily with bad hair, so off to the salon, she went. All those harsh words to the people of Chicago to quarantine and keep your business shut down did not apply to her when her horrendous hairdo needed a touch-up. Caught on camera, but no apology is necessary because she did nothing wrong in Lori’s world.
Too bad for Lori that the salon visit did nothing for her appearance but did blacken her image.

Gavin Newsom has run his state like the people of California are inmates at Alcatraz. Nearly a day went by without a new mandate or restriction imposed like the Commandments etched on a stone tablet. Gavin Newsom does not believe these rules apply to him. All you need to do is look at the images of Newsom and his party enjoying a wonderful dinner at the French Laundry restaurant. You keep yourself locked up, and I’ll enjoy my good life with my friends. Gavin Newsom is just a few weeks away from a recall election, and his days in the Governor’s home in Sacramento are numbered.

Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan, is another Democrat governor that is facing a recall election. I am sure people in Michigan would like to see her suffer a harsher fate than recall. Whitmer has been flaunting her position since last spring. She had already locked down her state when he husband attempted to get the family boat in the water in upstate Michigan. That was the event that started the ball rolling on consequences for their Governor. Recently, after she reiterated the lockdown of her residents, she boarded a private charter to Florida to visit her father. What made the situation worse, like it needed to be, as she paid a discount fare on a private jet owned by some of her supporters and donors to facilitate her trip. Rules do not apply to Governor Gretchen.

And finally, we have Nancy Pelosi. The poster child for the privileged class. On two separate occasions, she has rubbed her actions in the face of her people of San Francisco and the country. First, there was her trip to the hair salon caught on tape when everyone else was to be sheltered in place at home. Then there were her actions at the Capitol where she was threatening to fine any person caught in the House side of the Capitol without a face mask. At the same time that she was over-stretching her power in DC, she was videotaped at a fundraiser without a mask. Apparently, when people are paying $30,000 a plate to dine with Nancy, masks are optional.

These people have no shame. They have no problem being caught breaking their own rules. These rules are for the little people. The rules do not pertain to the elite. Those in power get to make the rules. They do not have to follow the rules, and God knows they don’t.

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