School Boards Say We Are Domestic Terrorists

By Ray Cardello for October 7, 2021 Season 6 / Post 17

First, they have been orchestrating the indoctrination of a generation of our young people. In order to protect the power structure they created, many school boards are now calling on many arms of the Federal Government to protect them. These boards feel that any resistance to their mission or demonstrations at their public meetings are acts of domestic terrorists. These people who we have entrusted with our children have turned on us. They have gone too far and need to be reeled in before their philosophies are permanently entrenched. How have we gotten to this place?

School boards have a high level of autonomy. Let me use the Board of my home town as an example. I wrote earlier this year about three instances that occurred, the protests that resulted, and the lack of any resolution. We had the hiring of an elementary school principal who openly supports Critical Race Theory. We had the marking of the hands of students attending the prom who had not been vaccinated. We had a teacher remove a student from her class for wearing a shirt supporting the Thin Blue Line of the Police. There were investigations into these instances, but nothing ever came from the efforts. The smoke was allowed to blow over. Nothing to see here

Over 200 angry parents were present at the spring school board meeting. People were allowed time to make comments and ask questions of the Board. The Board, however, was mute and under no obligation to respond to comments or questions. I contacted our local Board of Selectmen to find what they were doing or could do to pull back the power of the School Board. They said there was nothing they could do. The School Board has no oversight short of the voters replacing them. In a small town, there is little information published on the activities of School Boards. They are operating in darkness, and they are preying on our children.

So what are these people saying about their detractors? They say the mom who shows her anger and uses a loud voice to criticize CRT taught in her child’s school or is disgusted with books glorifying gay porn being available in the middle school library is as bad as the Boston Marathon Bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Can this be any more absurd? Yes, it can. Joe Biden and Merrick Garland agree with them. It is no wonder that Biden’s poll numbers are falling to Nancy Pelosi levels in his first year.

This topic is all about control. And control is what the Democrats are showing they are all about. Squashing free speech, getting banks to spy on every American’s accounts, flooding our nation with illegal aliens, and using our school system to turn a generation of young Americans against our country are just a few of their weapons. Joe Biden is not smart enough to pull this off. Kamala Harris has been locked away, so she could not design this play. Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Sanders….not a chance. I can see Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and George Soros orchestrating this transformation of America. They had a good start in the eight years Obama was calling the shots. The plan got slowed by the unexpected win by Trump, but the Dems got it going again by pulling a coup in 2020.

Joe Biden exposed his true belief on Monday. When asked about activists following and filming Kirsten Sinema in a restroom (a felony in Arizona), he said that is part of the process. But when parents speak up to school boards on their children’s behalf, Biden agrees that they may be committing a hate crime and are terrorists. Is this stupidity or dementia speaking? He sneered when he made his comments.

We have to hold on and hope that the Manchin and Sinema don’t fold under pressure. All indicators point towards a Red Wave in 2022. Do we have the strength to hold on for 12 more months? I hope and pray we do. God bless us in our efforts.