Shame, Shame on Every One of You

March 26, 2021

Chuck Schumer went mythical on Wednesday as he claimed the Dark Shadow of Trump has you all in darkness and then proceeded to cast his own version of a spell on the right side of the Senate Chamber by chanting Shame, Shame on all of you. Has Chuck been granted some super power as he was elevated to Majority Leader or is he becoming an Evangelical? Either way, it was horrible theater and if anyone in D.C. knows bad theater it’s Drama Queen Chuck Schumer.

He went on to ask his Republican counterparts why they are afraid of our democracy. We do not have a democracy, we have a Republic. A collection of 50 individual states, with rights given by our Constitution, united by a Federal Government. How could the Senate Majority Leader make this mistake or was it a mistake? This Bill, H.R. 1, which is called “For the People Act” but should be called “Take Advantage of People Act”, would strip all rights concerning elections from the states and put all power under the arm of the Feds. Talk about a power grab. This bill is designed to favor the Democrat Party and if passed, would virtually ensure we would never see a Republican elected to any position including Truant Officer.

Let’s look at some of the more offensive elements of H.R. 1:

  1. The responsibility of elections would be transferred from the States to Congress
  2. Election donation matching at 6:1 rate….in other words, I donate $100 to Chris Pappas (never happen) and $600 will be transferred from your tax dollars to the Pappas campaign…..our tax dollars would be used to keep these abusers of power in office forever.
  3. Ballots can be counted up to 10 days after Election Day and Ballot Harvesting would be legal in all 50 states.
  4. Support for D.C. statehood which would ensure two Democrat Senators and at least one mor Representative.
  5. Allowing campaign funds for certain personal expenses
  6. Registering kids to vote…lowering voting age to 16
  7. Restrictions on State’s ability to purge voting lists
  8. To make it illegal to require an ID to vote

These are just some of the key elements. In order to pass this bill, the Senate will have to blow up the Filibuster and that is something the Dems are very interested in doing. This would do away with the Super Majority of 60 to pass a bill in the Senate and reduce the Senate to a simple majority like the House.

There is a reason that this was the first bill introduced this year when the Dems control Congress and the White House. Pushing through these changes to ensure Democrat dominance of our Government forever. This to them was far more important than a legitimate COVID relief bill or maybe immigration reform. This play in Congress along with an uncertainty of who is actually in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is about as dangerous as a Joe Biden walk up the stairs of Air Force One. We are in deep trouble and dangerous waters, the sharks are circling and we Conservatives are simply the chum.

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