Situation Urgent, But Help is Here

Ray Cardello. April 5, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris has been put in charge of the Border “Challenge” by Joe Biden but no one is sure that she got the memo yet. She has taken no action that would indicate she is in charge, the situation requires attention, there are people flooding over the border, the American people are concerned, Kamala and Joe Biden have both taken a long weekend off. If this is the new work ethic of this administration, we need a refund as both the VP and the President are working short days and taking every weekend off. Apparently there is no urgent situation at the border or they are simply in denial.

Kamala got close to the border this weekend, as she was spending the Easter Weekend “break” in Los Angeles, but she made it quite clear that she would be far too busy and there was no need to see for herself the crisis that has been created by the reversal of the Trump Border policies that had been working for the last two years because, after all, there is no crisis at any of our borders.

We seem to be developing a severe credibility issue with this administration. Why did Joe Biden feel a need to assign Kamala Harris to the Border Situation if now everyone says there is no situation. Why are major corporations based in Georgia calling for cessation of business with Georgia unless a recently signed Voting Rights law is modified or retracted? The problem here is obvious….no body who is complaining about the recent law never read the law. Every statement made by the administration has been easily debunked and the Washington Post has given Biden and the whole handling of this situation 4 Pinnochios. The worst rating you can get for credibility.. Jen Psaki is doing her best of deflecting any question on the border crisis or the Georgia Election Law by quoting verbatim the lies that have been used by President Biden. The American people are starting to catch on. The tone of the MSM is actually starting to question the actions and motives of the Biden / Harris Administration. The Washington Post actually has seen the light. If Joe Biden loses the media, his administration will tumble like a house of cards. If his method of getting his version of the truth out to the public deserts him, the public may have to rely on the truth and that will never work for Biden.

At some point, Kamala Harris is going to have to justify her appointment to the border. She is not going to be able to end the caravans by solving the issues in the triangle countries. She does not have a magic wand to accomplish that feat. If there was such a wand, I would hope we would have used it on Detroit, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore and many more American cities that are just as filled with crime and corruption as those countries in Central America. Harris is not up to the task and if she ever gets to the point where she actually faces the job at hand, she will buckle and the American people will realize there is someone behind the curtain pulling the strings. Without the strings, Biden and Harris will simply fall to the floor.

It is a new week. Our team in the White House should be well rested, their masks are back on and the flood of insurgents did not take the weekend off. Let’s hope, that is all we can do, that Kamala spent just a little time looking for answers to the crisis and not just pretty colored eggs.

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