Social Credit Score, The New Divisive Tool

By Ray Cardello for January 23, 2021 Season 8 / Post 25

As if we were not already a critically divisive society, banks, lenders, schools, and employers are now using a Social Credit Score to rate your worthiness for loans, mortgages, enrollment, and employment. To make the explanation simple, these tests measure your wokeness. A Credit Score is an objective appraisal. You are assigned a score based on your ability to secure credit, manage your credit ratio, and repay your debts. That score is blind to your color, sex, ethnicity, education. It is purely about your creditworthiness. A Social Credit Score is subjective and is a method of discrimination. It is wrong, and it needs to be eliminated.

An example of the use of a Social Credit Score surfaced this past week when two of the central banks that worked with Mike Lindell of My Pillow severed their relationship with the Minnesota-based company. This decision was not based on any financial measuring sticks but on the perception that doing business with My Pillow was damaging their brand. They were casting Mike Lindell and his company aside because of Mike’s outspoken political leanings. They made a social judgment of Lindell and his company, which did not fit their own. Mike Lindell has shown he is one rugged individual and has weathered many storms. This latest is unnecessary, and he will persevere because the right is on his side.

China has been using a form of Social Testing for some time. All Chinese citizens start with the same score and lose points for different social behaviors designated by the Chinese government. A person’s score determines their spot in the community. The fact that a government like China uses this method of ranking people should say all you need to know. Like Covid, China has sent this tool to America.

Some recognize the dangers of a Social Credit Score and are taking steps to stop its implementation. Here in New Hampshire, our state legislature is leading the way to legally prohibit the use of Social Scoring in bank and business decisions. J.D. Bernardy, a member of the NH House, recently discussed with Glenn Beck the purpose of HB1469.
NH House Bill 1469 will prevent banks and financial institutions from discriminating against people and businesses based on ESG scores. This bill will make it illegal to judge a person by their political party, membership in social organizations, social media posts, union affiliation, or any other subjective Environmental, Social, or Governance statistic. There will be significant fines and possible criminal charges levied on any bank or business found guilty of using such ESG or Social Scoring criteria.

This proposal by Bernardy, supported by other members of the NH House, deserves our applause and support. Though New Hampshire is represented by four Democrat members of Congress in Washington, we have a Republican-controlled state government. Since we cannot count on our Federal government to protect our rights, we look to our state government to carry the burden. Our New Hampshire elected officials are coming through for us. This is not unnoticed and is why we feel confident that our two Representatives and Senator will probably be replaced in November with Republicans. The Blue Experiment that has lasted for four decades in the Granite State is coming to an end. It has proven not to work, and Granite Staters are ready to take back control of their government and education system.

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