Someone, Please Explain the Insanity

Ray Cardello February 22, 2021

Joe…..Please tell us who this benefits

Operation Talon is a nationwide ICE operation that focuses on removing illegally present convicted sex offenders from the United States. It seems like that would be a policy that everyone could unite behind. Who would possibly think it is a better idea to keep these offenders in this country able to escape the authorities and to put in danger any neighborhood and anyone’s children? A fair thinking person would answer no one….no one would ever want these sex offenders as neighbors. Ahh, but that doesn’t account for the powerful pen of President Joe Biden. For some yet to be explained reason, Joe Biden has reversed the policy of Operation Talon that had been responsible for the arrest of 19,752 illegal aliens from 2014 to 2018 who had been convicted of serious crimes including 5,500 for sexual assault, 4,900 for child molestation and 1,700 for rape. What benefit is there, who does it satisfy, to reverse this policy and let these people roam amongst us? There is no answer. There is no logic. It is becoming a pattern with this administration……no answer, no logic.

This week, 18 Attorneys General from across this country banded together to urge President Biden to rethink his decision. These people fear for the citizens of their states. They are taking action to protect their citizens. Biden is taking action to do just the opposite. The country is in danger because Biden is taking action to protect sexual offenders. The insanity of it all.

This is happening at the same time that Biden is continuing to cut into the authority of ICE and Border Patrol. The flow of illegal aliens is already increasing and the caravans are on the move. By taking action like reversing Operation Talon, we, and I say that loosely, but more specifically Joe Biden is inviting more unwanted characters to come to our country now knowing that their activity, their actions against the people of this country will have little in the way of ramifications.

It is very difficult not to get angry as I write this post. I realize that emotions are best kept out of writing opinion or commentary but how can my blood pressure not rise when I write this as I assume yours will when you read it. What is the end game here? What is the plan? Can it be so obvious that this administration and the forces behind it are actually trying to destroy America as we know it? Is it too simplistic to think that it is simply bad decisions by a new and confused team in the White House? We had made such incredible gains in our security at the border over the last four years. There was renewed support for the hard working men and women of ICE and USBP. All that hard work destroyed in four short weeks and without debate, without a single vote, just with the swipe of a pen. I do not see how this can be brought under control until the mid terms and that is assuming the GOP can regain control of the House and / or Senate. That unfortunately does not stop the pen. That can only be stopped by removing the person holding the pen from office and that will not happen until at least 2025……God Help us until then.

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