Strike 3 for MLB…You are Out!

Ray Cardello April 4, 2021

This is such a sad day to have to announce the death of Major League Baseball. Every kid in my generation grew up with their baseball glove on their handlebars and a trading card flapping in the spokes Of their bike tires. Baseball was a part of our lives from the muddy fields of spring until the frost of autumn. I remember going to spring training in 1967 and my dad and us sitting on a bench talking to two of his idols, Ted Williams and Bobby Doerr. I remember going to opening day with him that April. I remember taking my son to his first game at Fenway and seeing the same magic in his eyes I could recall in mine. Baseball was pure, baseball was American, baseball was America’s pastime. Baseball died on April 2, 2021.

It was a quick death, an assisted suicide actually, as the old game allowed itself to get sucked up by the new woke cancel culture that wants to be the new pastime. MLB decided to make a snap decision yesterday to take action against a newly passed Georgia Voting Law that they, like all who are condemning this law as racist, obviously did not read. They took the word of our President, the word of our Majority Leader and Speaker, they took the word of other equally uninformed corporations, and just like that, 3 strikes and baseball is OUT! In pulling the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta and the Amateur Baseball Draft from Georgia, they harmed the people of Georgia directly but destroyed their brand forever. The fallout from their decision will be huge and costly and hurt MLB far more than the cancel culture could have ever hoped to inflict. Another weak victim of today’s new world order.

MLB, and those who pushed them to make the decisions they made recklessly yesterday, have created a bigger divide between the ever polarized factions in this country. They never should have gotten involved but in doing so, they showed how quickly they needed to yield to the pressure of the left rather than to uncover the truth. President Joe Biden should be ashamed of his actions about this matter. He has been spewing lies and reincarnating the term Jim Crow from a dark time in our history and is allowing it to cast a shadow on all of us today. It is amazing that MLB, Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola have taken action over a law passed in one particular state yet none of the corporations, Joe Biden or any of the minions of the Democrat Party will have the courage to call for the US Olympic Committee to pull out of the Beijing Olympics. The games are being held in China where there is no such thing as elections, where ethnic groups and religious followers are being subjected to hard labor and death, where the COVID-19 virus was created, the Chinese state that controls the lives and thinking of every citizen in their control but none of these corporations or politicians have the courage to speak out against China but when it comes to Election ID, there is no limit to what these people and groups will do to punish those they believe are responsible. Anyone who gets hurt in the wake is just collateral damage necessary to their end.

I do not agree with organized boycotts and believe that every person needs to make their own decisions but I have to give Donald Trump credit for acting quickly to call for a national boycott of the MLB. Swift action is necessary to halt the speeding train that is the Cancel Culture Express. Our history is being destroyed so quickly it is a blur. Statues destroyed, buildings renamed and the truth of the past turned to a blur of lies. If it takes somebody with the voice and reach of a Donald Trump to call for a boycott then I will join in. My first thought when I heard of their decision was to reinforce my decision of last year when they bought into the BLM movement never to give another dollar of my hard earned money to Major League Baseball. So far, I don’t miss it and the countless hours I used to give each year to watching games is now spent with my loved ones. I will never boycott them.

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