Sunday Spotlight: The American People

By Ray Cardello for July 3, 2022 Season 11 / Post 37

On this Fourth of July weekend, what better person or group to celebrate than the American People. The toughest, most resilient people on earth, the American People, are the glue that has held this country together for nearly two hundred and fifty years. Regardless of the political party in power or the state of the world, the American People have been the rock that others rely on for stability. Americans have always delivered.

Every decade has its different challenges. Depression, war, political unrest, and generational conflict are some of the obstacles Americans have had to endure. And the People have always come out stronger together on the other side.

Probably not since the Civil War, when the question of slavery divided the country, have there been such diametrically opposed factions as we have today. We have a battle between those who love this country, its history, and its future potential and those who want to tear it down for a more Socialistic America.

The difference with today’s conflict is that the seed was planted over one hundred years ago to bring about this moment of choice. The Progressives planned for the long game when they took over our educational system, media, and entertainment and, in so doing, changed our culture slowly over decades. Their patience was incredible, but they may have pulled the trigger a bit too soon.

Two World Wars and even the Korean Conflict united the country in patriotism and set the productive capacity into full gear. Except for the War on Terror, no war or conflict since has had the same effect. The Vietnam War and the various conflicts in the Middle East since have divided this country like never before. Throw in the culmination of the Left’s move toward Socialism, the worship of a Greener World, and the polarization effect of two unpopular presidents, and you have the making of a Left and Right not capable of compromise.

The Left overplayed their hand. They got Ultra-Progressive candidates like Cortez, Omar, and Talaib elected, but they were too brash and immature for the calling. School boards pushed too far with CRT and DIEJ, and the COVID Pandemic exposed their mission to parents. Parents were ready to fight back.

After the productive but divisive term of Donald Trump, the Left countered with the feeble and inept Joe Biden, and that may be the tipping point the Right was looking for. In less than two years, the country has gone from one of prosperity and a thriving economy to a recession, inflation, stagnation, and further divide. The Right has seen and felt enough.

The primaries have shown a thirst to return to our basic principles and a more conservative candidate. The polls for Biden and his team continue to plummet to all-time lows and signal a Red Tsunami like never seen before in November.

We have survived another era of upheaval and change, and the majority is longing for the country they can be proud of. The Left will have to concede that they gave it their best shot, but it was far from good enough.

It was not the Government or a political party that would pull America together. The American people have realized they are stronger than the system and are flexing their might and authority to get this great country back on track. For that, we have much to celebrate this Fourth of July. We have seen how low we can fall and want to rise back up to be that shining beacon on the hill once more.


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