Thank You, Putin, For the Drop in Gas Prices

By Ray Cardello for July 20, 2022 Season 11 / Post 4

Thank you, Putin, for the drop in gas prices. That statement is as hilarious as Joe Biden blaming Putin for gas prices and inflation for the last six months. Joe Biden’s bad energy policies are responsible for the slowing economy and out-of-control price hikes. There are some international influences like the conflict in Ukraine, but this is Biden’s Inflation, not Putin’s.

You cannot have it both ways. You cannot blame someone else for a bad situation and then take credit for reversing the trend. Gas prices have more than doubled since he took office in 2020. A drop of forty cents is not a time to celebrate, but Biden is taking a victory lap and burning his tires. Easy Joe, this will not reverse the trend on your approval.

Joe Biden, Mayor Pete, and Karine Jeanne-Pierre are all claiming the administration is doing everything possible to drive down gas costs. It’s a lie. Until they apologize to the fossil fuel industry, restart the Keystone, ease up on restrictions for drilling permits, and allow fracking, they have done nothing.

Pete Buttigieg seems to be the point person on this critical issue. Every Sunday, he appears on as many morning shows as possible to reinforce the administration’s position and push for the transformation of America into electric vehicles. America and Americans are not ready for this transformation.

This week is a perfect example of how the electric grid cannot handle Americans driving EVs. With temperatures rising, there are scheduled brownouts in the Midwest and the West Coast. People with EVs are being asked not to plug in. The grid is outdated, unable to handle the demand now, and in no way ready to add thousands of charging stations. We are not prepared, not willing, and the planning for the transformation has been poor.

The cost and availability of electric vehicles are simply prohibitive for Americans if that was the route they wanted to take. The average price of an EV is $66,000, and the wait time could be as long as eighteen months. Far too expensive for the majority of Americans living check to check. Did anyone in the administration look at the cost and availability of alternatives before they opted to crush the fossil fuel industry? Obviously, not and that is not surprising with the performance level of the Biden Team.

Buttigieg exposed the administration this past Sunday when he divulged the administration’s goal to make Americans feel pain with the rising cost of gasoline. They think this pain will hasten the transformation to a green economy. It was a ludicrous statement to make and is a slap to Americans. Buttigieg is considered a top contender to replace Biden in 2024, but continued comments like this will kill his chances before he gets started.

We need to rethink our opinion on the performance of Biden and his surrogates. This is not poor performance or bad policy decisions. This is intentional and dangerous. Awareness, vigilance, and action need to be our three-step plan to counter every move this gang makes.

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