The Dems Are on Trial Thanks to Andrew

But Ray Cardello for August 4, 2021 Season 3 / Post 1

The Democrats defined their position on someone accused of sexual assault, harassment, improprieties when they tried to scorch Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate hearings. Democrats decided that anyone accused, proven or not, is guilty. They adopted the philosophy that if a woman came forward to make accusations, the person charged is automatically guilty. The Kavanaugh hearings showed how faulty and dangerous this thinking is, as the accusers in the Kavanaugh cases were proven to be contrived. If believed by default, a man’s career would have been ruined, and a position on the Supreme Court denied.

Joe Biden was the first instance when the Democrats broke stride with this thinking. They had to. Biden was already the front runner for the Democrat nominee, and the Democrats could not allow him to crash on unproven allegations. Kamala Harris used the unsubstantiated charges as a weapon against Biden, calling him a sexual predator. None of it stuck, and the whole situation faded away and off the front page.

With Andrew Cuomo, the facts are stacked in favor of his accusers. Eleven women claimed that Andrew Cuomo assaulted or harassed them, and one hundred and seventy-nine witnesses corroborate the case against Cuomo. Today, the New York Attorney General released the findings of the independent investigation into the many charges made against Cuomo. Upon the release, politicians from New York and nationally jumped to call for Cuomo to resign immediately. Even Joe Biden reiterated his statement from March when he said if the evidence was presented, Cuomo should resign and be prosecuted.

Andrew Cuomo was the perfect tool for the media in the spring and summer of 2020. He was the anti-Trump. He won an Emmy for his daily press conferences. He landed a $5 million book deal for his memoir on leadership. He was being considered for Attorney General and even a replacement in the campaign for a damaged Biden. He was labeled as America’s Governor. The media put him on such a high pedestal that he was bound to crash and burn. Today he fell.

Andrew Cuomo is not going down without a fight. He will have to be pulled kicking and screaming from the Governor’s Mansion before he will resign. The pressure is now on the New York Assembly to follow through with Impeachment proceedings against Cuomo. All eyes will be on every Democrat to ensure the pressure is maintained on Cuomo until he is removed from office and eventually prosecuted for his actions. The sexual allegations are but one of Cuomo’s problems. He has two others that should keep him up nights.

The other two investigations concern Cuomo’s cover-up of the nursing home deaths due to COVID and the use of government resources to get his book ready for publication. Any one of these issues is enough to push Cuomo off his pedestal, but all three should bury him for some time.

The next 48 hours will be key. It will give us a hint as to Cuomo’s future intentions. Will he resign, or will he use Governor Northam’s playbook and wait out the news cycle? Stay tuned, film at 11. The only thing for sure is you will not hear any of this from Chris Cuomo. I can’t wait to see what his Plan B is for tonight’s show!

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