The Flag and Apple Pie Trigger the Left

By Ray Cardello for June 13, 2021 Season 1 / Post 148

Mara Gay, writer for the NY Times is triggered by sight of American Flag

Can we be honest for a few minutes? Has this country, if not the entire world, gone daft? We find issues with the most minute issues and use them as ammunition or wedge to further divide us. It is not just ideas or ideals any longer. It is inanimate objects that we can now tag with divisive labels. I watched a video this week of a NY Times editorial writer ranting about how the sight of the American Flag caused her tremendous anxiety and fear. The sad part was that when Mara Gay was embarrassing herself with this issue in her mind, the brilliant Mika Brzezinski was playing the role of the bobbing head dog in agreement with every word uttered by Gay. Good God, is there any question as to why MSNBC ratings are tanking?

Gay talked about the Flag flying from pick-up trucks with pro-Trump and anti-Biden bumper stickers displayed on their tailgates. She spoke of visiting friends on Long Island and seeing the Flag on poles outside people’s homes, indicating a sense of anger. These people were proclaiming that this land is ours and not yours. Maybe she needs to listen to that famous opening line, “This land is my land, this land is your land.” What is the matter with this woman, and why is she being given a minute of air time? Why am I even writing about her? Because one side sees her as insightful, and this side sees her as needing serious couch time.

I suggest to Ms. Gay that she take a trip to Arlington and see the fields of white crosses adorned by the Flag those fallen heroes died to defend. Maybe she should be present when a flag-draped coffin of a dead son or daughter is being brought home from a foreign battle. Maybe she should take a trip to Normandy and see the graves of teenage boys who gave their lives so she could speak stupid thoughts on national TV. Those boys never had the chance to come home, and their graves are marked by the Flag that triggers her so.

How about Raj Patel, a food writer for The Guardian who wrote about the racist. According to Patel, “The apple pie is as American as stolen land, wealth and labor. We live its consequences today.” According to his Wikipedia page, Patel has been referred to as “the rock star of social justice writing.” My thought is he wrote that entry himself.

Apple Pie is a sign of racism says Raj Patel

Anyone with a mother who baked apple pie should be ashamed. Just the thought of apples on their own, according to Patel, should remind us of how apples came to the West in the 1500s with colonists and their “vast and ongoing genocide of Indigenous people.” In his writings, he discusses the racist undertones of chocolate bars, tuna, and even the chicken nugget. He must live on a diet of cicadas, but they probably remind him of the South and slavery.

What is sad is that these people are given a modicum of credibility by left-leaning media outlets. Also, too many people believe as gospel all they see and hear on MSNBC and CNN. There seems to be no low too low for these people to stoop to get attention. Our only hope is that as the ratings continue to plummet for the Main Stream Media in the Post-Trump era, these people will get less of an audience, and they can fade away. I am sure they can find a college writing class to teach at some overpriced mecca of higher education.

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