The Left Demands a Unified Allegiance

By Ray Cardello for December 22, 2021 Season 7 / Post 43

Joe Manchin has exposed the Left for precisely what they are all about. It is not about what is good for the country and what is best for Americans. It is all about advancing a Progressive agenda. The Left wants to dictate to Americans what they perceive is best regardless of the wishes and desires of the people. They are so delirious that they believe they can make decisions for the masses. They are wrong. They have forgotten that people want control of their destiny.

I listened to the Squad members exploding over the weekend on the Sunday news shows. AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Bernie Sanders were spewing about the character of Joe Manchin and his betrayal of the Party and Joe Biden. When did being a Congressman or Senator mean pledging allegiance to the President and not to the Constitution and your constituents? They are treating Senator Joe Manchin as a traitor to the Democrat Party. Keep going with the personal attacks, and you might push Manchin across the aisle to welcoming Republicans. How will that work for your cause? Biden’s agenda will be dead, and he will be a lame-duck president for the remaining three years of his term.

The Democrats are typically about emotions rather than facts. They are true to form with their personal attacks on Joe Manchin. It is not about his decision that was right for the people of West Virginia. It was about him turning on the President. This thinking is insane. Is a Senator representing the people of their state or obediently acquiescing to the wishes of the President?

We talk a lot about the root cause. Well, the root cause for the poor performance of members of the government is they have lost their way. They have forgotten who they were sent to serve. There are about 535 members of Congress and 12,000 lobbyists in D.C. These lobbyists spent over $3.5 Billion for influence in 2019. The money proves to be more potent than the morals of the 535. They are servants to the lobbyists and the money.

The people of the country are old news. The Republicans may talk a better game and be more in tune with the people, but they still stray. The Democrats, however, are a lost cause. They not only chase the money but have aspirations to transform America fundamentally. They have no love of this country or the capitalism that this country was built on. Unless they are in Congress or a lobbyist, they despise the wealthy and see them only as tax cows. This disconnect with the people is going to be their death knell. The bells are starting to toll loudly.

The Democrats have gotten too old, and the Progressives too weak to change course. They have committed to an unpopular agenda that serves them but does nothing to better the people’s lives. They have had many hoodwinked for years, but the dance is ending. The infighting and personal attacks on Joe Manchin have shown the true colors of the Left. The approval ratings are the barometer of the people, and all indicators point to a storm, a tsunami, actually. It looks to be hitting land in November of 2022. Don’t be surprised to see a boatload of Democrat politicians become the newest lobbyists before the storm hits landfall.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com