The Separated Children Myth

Immigrant children being held in Obama era “cages”

This is such a disheartening story that the new Biden administration is perpetrating. The fact that children are being held in any manner after they are presented at the US / Mexican border is sad enough but the fact that the Biden team is creating a myth, a false story, about the reason that these children are being held is, and this is not hyperbole, sickening.

Biden is trying to use the plight of these children as an example of the harshness of the Trump immigration policy. Unfortunately, their narrative is all a lie and they are repeating it often. Apparently if you say something often enough, it becomes reality (see Russian collusion storyline). With them saying it and their cooperative media repeating it, the general uninformed public will soon buy it. Their story is that these unfortunate children have been taken from their parents with the possibility of never being reunited. If that were true, I don’t think you could find anyone who would have supported such an action. They now want to stop any future separation and do all we can to reunite these families and ideally on this side of the border.

Here is a more honest assessment of how this all happened. These unfortunate minors were actually not with any relatives as they came to and crossed our border. Very often they were pawns being transported by paid coyotes or they were found simply wandering around in the wilderness having been abandoned by whoever they were being transported by. There are no obvious parents with whom to reconnect these children with. They have no paperwork. They basically have no identity. A travesty? Absolutely, but not a situation that warrants blame being cast upon Trump or Border Patrol. As Biden continues to destroy all of the gains Trump made on working with the Mexican Government to put some controls on illegal border crossings, the number of these unaccompanied children will grow. A humanitarian problem with no easy solution but a perfect situation for the Biden administration to parlay to their favor as they try to do as much as possible to negate all of the Trump gains at the border and to make it a porous access point for illegals to gain access to their promised land. The caravans are already on route and they know that the rules have changed. They know that Biden and the Democrats see these people as future supporters and voters so safety and security for the rest of us be damned……The Dems are now in charge.

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