The State of the Union is…..Questionable

Ray Cardello March 7, 2021

Nancy Pelosi tears up Trump’s SOTU speech in 2020

The State of the Union, usually given by the sitting President to a joint session of Congress in the early days of the year, is not mandatory and is initiated by an invitation by the Speaker of the House to the President. Do not hold your breath that you will see President Biden at the podium in the near future with the ever present Kamala sitting over his right shoulder and the ever powerful Pelosi over his left. There is no way that Joe’s keepers are going to allow him the opportunity to fill the airwaves and bits and bytes of the digital media with an hour or so of potential gaffes. It has become painfully obvious in the first few weeks of the Biden / Harris administration that Joe Biden is not taking this job seriously and that his entire staff is directed that they have one task….to keep him away from any question deeper than what flavor ice cream he prefers. A couple of specifics reinforce this claim. One is we are in the longest streak ever for a President not holding a press conference and on two occasions when he was holding a virtual meeting and offered to take questions, the feed was abruptly cut. It ain’t going to happen. They are not going to let this guy go off the cuff and maybe not even let him read off a teleprompter. When addressing the Governor’s Conference last week, he had to go to the note card in his coat pocket to refresh his memory on the number of COVID-19 deaths to date. Mind you he had just held a ceremony the previous day at the White House surrounded by 500 candles each representing one thousand dead victims. Apparently it did not have much of an impact on him or is his short term memory that far gone? The cameras were able to see some of the other info on that card and they were my name is Joe, my wife is Jill and I live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Looking at the Biden schedule on a daily basis, his days start late, usually around 10AM and end early, usually around 5PM and there are rarely more than four events on his agenda. He also has taken every weekend off since January 20th and is either in Delaware or Camp David.. Don’t call as I am busy relaxing. This is not a Presidency but a part time retirement gig.

So anyone looking for this President to discuss the disaster at the Southern Border, the military siege of DC, the Pork Fest of the COVID Relief Bill or how he is on a record pace for Executive Orders will have to keep waiting. We may have seen our last State of the Union until our part time President officially goes into retirement and the Black Masked VP in Waiting Kamala Harris steps to the mic to tell us that now we have the most progressive and least qualified President ever in charge and the State of the Union is Questionable….but 2022 is right around the corner.

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