The Truth is Foreign to Them All

March 27, 2021

Joe Biden finally came to the podium on Thursday nearly 60 days into his young administration. I guess we need to be more accurate and call it the Biden / Harris Administration. This is twofold; splitting the ticket gives Biden someone to share any criticism with and because it is really Harris and the rest of the Progressive Left that are in charge. The time Biden spent in front of his fawning media showed how ill prepared he is to be in charge and gave fodder to those who believe he is simply a puppet President and front man for the left. There was one bombshell dropped early in the session when the President declared he will run for re-election. There was a loud gasp emanating from Kamala Harris as she stood backstage ready as ever to swoop in and take over if the President faltered and fell. This is a blow to her plans to take over the Oval Office in 2025, or sooner if her plan works out.

The President used notes and a picture guide to who was in front of him during his first presser.

The President gave very vague answers to most questions and took every chance he could to insult or blame his predecessor, Donald Trump. At some point that tactic is not going to work, and everyone will be insisting on accountability from Biden and Harris. One thing that is consistent with all politicians, or anyone who steps behind a podium to speak, is that you must listen with a skeptical ear for everything said is a different stretch of the truth. Not saying they are lies but certainly a variation of the truth and facts. Watching the press conference was like watching an ad for diversity. He called on the black woman, the Spanish woman, the Asian woman…..then the old white guy. Was that by design? It had to be for as obvious as it was. Never once did he call on Peter Doucy from FOX……nope, stay away from that guy as he always asks tough questions, and we can’t risk that. When the woman from PBS (the company financed with our tax dollars) was asking a question, she served her softball with sugar: “since the migrants are coming to this country in droves because you are kind and decent man…..”. Seriously, is that an editorial disguised as a question? Again, our tax dollars fund this “news” organization.

Someone did ask about the holding facilities and press access to the same as the restrictions did not seem to align with the most transparent administration. Biden said the media will get access but does not know when. We have to open up additional facilities around the country to ship the overflow to before we can ever let a camera see the horrific conditions, we are holding the people of the surge in. On one hand he claimed that we are a compassionate people and must let these people who are fleeing oppression and danger in their homeland in quickly said that families are being sent back! What? You invite these people and then when they get here after walking for hundreds or thousands of miles, you turn them back. Sorry, that is a lie, not a stretch.

No questions on COVID-19, no questions on Hunter, no questions on Cuomo, no questions on Harris taking calls for him from foreign heads of state…..nothing. Lots of talk on the evil filibuster though. The media is helping him to make the super majority in the Senate racist, un-American and Jim Crow like. What a sham. We have already talked about the danger of H.R. 1 but according to Biden, it is the Republicans who are dangerous and un-American. Amazing how a bill can be construed so totally different depending on your side of the aisle.

It was nearly 60 days and was about as disappointing as the final episode of Game of Thrones. I will vote on over if asked to place a bet on whether it will be 60 days or more before we see Biden behind a podium. That is not necessarily a bad thing because with so little truth coming out of these people’s mouths, let look at physical results rather than a spoken synopsis about what he will or was supposed to do. It is a shame. We know we cannot trust our politicians, but it would be a lot more palatable if we had a media press corps who at least tried to make the process look honest.

One thing that is perfectly clear. This President who started speaking about unity in the campaign, made it the focal point of his inauguration. Speaks about it at every opportunity has no interest in unity. It is simply a meaningless word. He hates Republicans, has no respect for former President Trump, has no concern for the 75 million voters who chose Trump over him. His goal is to promote a Progressive agenda at any cost and for someone who claimed to be a moderate, maybe that is the biggest lie of all.