The Truth is Surfacing…It Stinks

Biden is Fail

By Ray Cardello for June 21, 2021 Season 2 / Post 6

Wow. Most of us knew it was coming. Most of us saw that Biden / Harris were not ready for Prime Time. Most of us were not wondering if, but when the bell would toll. Most of us were just wondering when the blind would see. All of it appears to be coming into focus, and the picture is not pretty. The economy is going soft. The streets are not a place for the meek. The jails are emptying into the neighborhoods. The Conservative voices are being censored, while the left has the mic. We are a mess.

Folks on the right knew the 80 plus million who had voted for Biden & Harris were sold a bill of goods. Eventually, we knew that no matter how stuck in denial they were, they would realize the obvious. That Joe Biden was not ready to run this country. Whether regarding the Economy, Border Security, Safety in our Cities, Strength on the Foreign Stage, or Reigning in the Radical Left, he has failed or is ignoring the issue. This ineptitude is not the strength and example we are looking for and deserving in our Commander in Chief, but we have with Biden / Harris.

The Stock Market had its first five-day losing streak last week in four-plus years. Experts say this activity was in reaction to experts looking at the Biden tax plan and seeing significant tax increases for most Americans. This new disclosure breaks the pledge that Biden made during the campaign, but that is no surprise. Biden is also considering a tax hike on gasoline. A gas tax is regarded as the most regressive tax and hits low-income people the most. The average person is already paying $1000 more a year to buy gasoline since Biden took office. Unemployment numbers are not coming down fast enough, and the number of new hires is lower than expected every week.

Border Security is non-existent. Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of the crisis months ago, and she is yet to visit the Border. She did make one trip to the Northern Triangle, but nothing significant came of the visit but photo ops. Thousands are still flowing over the Border daily, and Texas will start building a Wall!

Cities like Portland and Minneapolis are still having riots. Chicago is still a shooting gallery, and Police and First Responders are resigning in record numbers. The fence around the Capitol is coming down and never should have been built. The National Guard, which has been treated poorly since day one, can now go home.

According to leaks from Biden’s White House staff, the recent trip to the G7 and the talks with Vladimir Putin were gaffe-filled and a failure. He was weak and overshadowed by other world leaders and certainly Vladimir Putin. It was a mistake for him to go, but he had to. He is the only President we have!

We believe that America is strong and can survive any situation, but how deep a hole will we need to climb out of? With Biden and Harris digging it deeper every day, we may soon be able to see just how much of a challenge we have to recover.

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