There is a Light in the the Tunnel

Season 1 Post 98

And thank God it is not an oncoming train. I need to write about something positive today as everyone knows we have been on a long and stressful streak of bad events to chronicle. This long and dark Pandemic looks like it is losing its grip on us and there are signs we may be inching our way back to normal. There are those who are dragging their feet. They may simply enjoy the attention they have gotten for imposing their will on us for thirteen months. The President is threatening to add fireworks to his gun grab and cancel our 4th of July. This is but a shallow effort to get folks who have been reluctant to get vaccinated and roll up their sleeves. The head of the CDC is still mulling over whether we need to wear masks if we are alone in the woods. Can someone check the contents of that head, please. Towns are throwing up electric signs telling you not to listen to Governors when statewide mask mandates are removed. Those local politicians are still in charge and they will tell you when, if ever, you can unmask. Such power is tough to give up.

Schools in most states not run by a Teacher’s Union are getting back to full time brick and mortar teaching. Zoom can catch its breath, for now anyway. Sporting events and concerts are starting to have real fans in the stands and you do not have to sit behind a cardboard cutout. if you don’t want to. Movie theaters are lighting up the screens and Grandma is baking cookies waiting for her grandkids to come running up the stairs onto the front porch.

Marie Osmond and Oprah are shooting TV spots to help us get rid of the COVID 15 that is becoming a strong 20 and liquor stores are getting ready for sales to plummet as we realize we need to start thinking clearly if we are to leave the house and get back again. TVs that have been on 24/7 for over a year can finally be shut off and allowed to cool and, wait for it, Anthony Fauci can finally retire. He will need some serious therapy as he will no longer have 300 Million people to control. There is a rumor that he is a mean shuffleboard player though Bocci is his national sport.

Seriously, we are already getting back to a more normal existence even if not with the blessing of politicians or the CDC. It feels good and it feels liberating. We have been under more restrictions than an American could ever imagine. We voluntarily gave up First Amendment rights and Freedom of Religion. We gave up Freedom of Assembly and freedom to visit our neighbors. Our travel was restricted and some actually haven’t left their homes in over a year. We have much to catch up on and as resilient Americans we will put this Year of the COVID behind us and in short order, it will be just a bad memory and maybe a trove of stories to be told in the years ahead.

I do not want to minimize the impact of the COVID virus. I was fortunate. I was lucky. I do not know of many people who have had COVID and I did not lose anyone to this virus from China. My heart goes out to those who did but to honor their lives, let’s get back to the America they remember. The America of family gatherings, ball games and hotdogs, concerts in the park and a handshake and a hug. They will smile down on us and we will smile back for the memories they have forever left us in our hearts.

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