There is Right and Wrong

By Ray Cardello for December 20, 2021 Season 7 / Post 41

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It would be a boring world if everyone agreed about every topic or event. There is still a right or wrong about most everything with that being stipulated. One of the topics that challenges this theory is how many genders exist. This doesn’t require an opinion. This requires an answer and that answer is two. Some have a different reply, some may even say 18, but that is not an opinion. That is a wrong answer. There are some situations or questions where the answer is right or wrong, period.

We have an unfortunate incident ongoing in my hometown where two boys discussed the number of genders while on the school bus. One proclaimed that he knew only two genders because of religious beliefs. The other boy disagreed, and the conversation continued as text messages when the bus ride was over. The boy who disagreed with two brought his phone to school officials to prove the conversation. The school suspended the boy with religious beliefs because he violated gender identity rights. Wait, what about the boy’s right to believe in the correct answer, whether because of religious beliefs or that he took a biology class? This topic does not require an opinion. The answer is right or wrong. The lawsuit is going to cost the town some serious cash.

Then there is the recent story of Lia Thomas. Many people have no idea who Lia Thomas is or Will Thomas’s previous name. Two years ago, Will was swimming with the University of Pennsylvania Men’s Swim Team. He then transitioned to become Lia. He sat out a year to adhere to NCAA protocol and undergo hormone therapy. This year he joined the U Penn Women’s Swim Team and dominated. Lia has been setting new records that any female swimmer will never meet. In one race, he beat the second-place swimmer by 32 seconds. Lia is playing by the rules. The rules are wrong, and someone needs to regain their senses and reverse these rules. At some point, a female college athlete will get hurt by another female with a male genetic body.

So what is difficult to understand here? Who believes this is good for women’s collegiate sports? Who thinks this is good for the athletes, female or transgender? I need to hear someone defend this ridiculous rule and tell me how many people favor this ludicrous rule. There are two genders, male and female. You can talk about a hybrid, medically altered individual. They are still either male or female.

Where are the women’s rights advocates? The left claim they are the party of women. Is that because they are pro-choice and pro-abortion? They claim they are for equality, and then they allow a person with the physical qualities of a male to take the place of a female athlete. It makes no sense, and nobody can defend the situation.

Kristi Noem of South Dakota has ushered a bill prohibiting male athletes who have transitioned to compete against women. This is a sense of reason. Why don’t all people see it? The Woke are proving that they have abandoned logic and common sense every day. They will pay as their support wanes, with people finally seeing that it is a losing movement.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com