This Censorship and Cancel Culture Has to End

Twitter has permanently banned journalist James O’Keefe after he releases videos damaging to CNN. O’Keefe was blocked on Thursday after he released his third installment of undercover videos exposing left-wing bias at CNN.Twitter claimed without evidence that O’Keefe was “violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam.”. What he actually did was expose CNN for their part in manipulating the 2020 election. Twitter and Facebook cannot have anyone presenting an alternative truth to their lies and stories that have impacted this country by putting Joe Biden in the White House.

Just as a personal aside, I have one follower of this Blog who claimed last week that I have an undertone of anger in my posts. This is so wrong because it should not come across as an undertone but overt anger at what has happened in the last four years by a biased media, social platforms and corrupt politicians to take over our government. I hope my position is clear. I love this country and despise any person or entity that will do it harm. The media and Democrats want to do it harm.

The facts are becoming irrefutable. The 2020 election was manipulated and stolen. Never before had the Social Media networks exerted this much unchecked power and influence to destroy one candidate and ensure that their man came out victorious. It is wrong, dangerous and pathetic that it happened but even more so that there is no accountability or ramifications for the actions of these people and companies.

Trump gets banned. The NY Post get banned, James O’Keefe gets banned. Name one Liberal who has been banned or blocked….don’t waste your time thinking, there have been none. This is a one sided show and the climax is not going to be pretty.

O’Keefe and Project Veritas has video recordings showing that CNN did everything in their power to derail the Trump re-election and to put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the Oval Office. They did not make any effort to deny it but rather they bragged about their success. The Russian Conspiracy Theory, the dossier, the bounty on US military personnel by Putin, the burying of the Hunter Biden story, the NY Post expose of the Biden / Ukraine money flow, the New York Times and their part in the Putin fantasy…..all part of a huge effort by Social Media, the Main Stream Media and the Democrat Party to change the makeup of the US government forever. It has to stop.

Parler tried to gain traction last year as a Twitter alternative. They were squashed and will probably never surface again. Mike Lindell, of My Pillow fame, will be launching two new platforms this week, one to go up against Facebook and the other Amazon. I am not sure if we should admire his efforts or think he has a professional death wish. It will be interesting to watch but the odds are stacked against Lindell or anyone else who challenges the liberal establishment.

We have to examine how we use Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or the hundreds of companies like Coke, Delta Airlines or Home Depot that have decided that they are going to become political activists. These are dangerous times and our rights are being impacted every day. Complacency is what these folks are hoping for, loud voices is what we need to give them.

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