Time to Pull the Plug on Progressives

By Ray Cardello for June 15, 2022, Season 11 / Post 20

Progressive in politics is a misnomer. Progressives have no interest in enhancing the state of our nation but rather in tearing it down and rebuilding it in their image. This philosophy is why Progressives aim to eradicate the country’s history and repaint it in as bad a light as possible.

In the last couple of years, we saw extreme examples of this effort defacing or destroying historical monuments and renaming schools to remove the connection with prominent figures from our past. Progressives are a product of an educational system that has been programming them since kindergarten. Unfortunately, with no life experiences, their theories have no connection with reality. They are proponents of a Socialist ideology that has failed and destroyed every country it has consumed.

The Squad members are coming up on their third run for office. The mystique and novelty are wearing off even with their young base. At some point, they need to start running on their accomplishments, and like AOC, none of them have any pieces of successful legislation they drafted to claim. They continue to be the Radical Left Wing of the party that the rest of the party feels a need to satisfy. How has such a group of underachievers attained such power and influence?

In just sixteen months, we have witnessed the devastating effects of a poorly run Biden administration. AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and others think that by pulling the Biden team to the Left, they can get the country heading in their direction. That direction results in a wholly reformed America with no resemblance to the one designed by our forefathers. That is the America they seek.

This vision will not work for most Americans. Though the Progressives think they have control over the country, there are still more adults in the room than Progressives. Thank God. AOC is the youngest and best-known member of the Squad. But Tlaib, at 45, and Omar, at 40, do not show more maturity or experience than AOC. None of them have done anything to enhance the lives of their constituents, and it could be said that AOC harmed hers significantly by killing an Amazon distribution and office center in her district.

The Congressional Democrats are looking at a tsunami of change coming in November. Most of the Pre-Covid economic gains realized under Trump have been returned under Biden and the Radical Left. By sticking to this far-Left agenda they espouse, the Squad may set themselves up for extinction. This reset would be a massive win for the American middle class that has taken many steps backward under the Progressive influence these last few years.

Suppose there is a silver lining to the Biden Presidency. In that case, it is to show the American people how toxic the diverse, Woke and Progressive wing of the Democrat party can be and how it will tear down this grand experiment. That would account for why 74% of Americans think we are being steered down the wrong path by Joe Biden. They also cannot agree on a viable alternative for Biden in 2024 with such a weak bullpen for the Lefts. It is nearly impossible to get three-fourths of Americans to agree on anything. But the Progressives have managed to turn that many people against them. That is what we on the Right call a success.

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