Trump Said It, It Can’t Be True

By Ray Cardello for May 31, 2021 Season 1 / Post 135

What a sad state that our mainstream media occupies. A sitting President makes a comment to the world, and all forms of news media reject it immediately because they do not agree with anything this President ever says. More than a year ago, President Donald Trump claimed that the COVID-19 virus might have originated from a lab in Wuhan. This claim was directly contradicting the claim by China and the media that the virus started in a bat in the wet market of Wuhan. This orchestrated attack on Trump cost the CDC and the Intelligence Sector valuable time investigating the lab and possible actual source of the virus.

So here we are. Six months after the election and even the network news reporters are having to admit that Trump was right. Six months too late. In just the last four months, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have given nearly 81 Million voters a severe case of buyer’s remorse. The Sothern Border is more porous than a colander full of draining spaghetti. Inflation is on the rise. Tempers are rising in the Middle East, and this Administration has abandoned Israel as an ally. Gas prices have soared, as have the number of unemployed former Keystone Pipeline workers. We have the most diverse and inept support team ever in D.C., and the President and Vice President are embarrassing themselves at every speech or tweet. The Democrats are in panic mode for 2022, and the Republicans are licking their chops.

It is not just the Wuhan Lab that Trump was right on. It is Russia. It is supporting the Police. It is about CRT and 1619 Projects in school. It is about tariffs on China and turning back illegals at the border. Hell, it is about the Wall, and Biden is now building even that. It is about Making America Great Again and tearing it down at the roots.

Our Media had an agenda. 81 Million tuned in and bought without question. Those people believe the narrative because it is being repeated by so many so often. Every Liberal has their talking points daily. Biden is healing the country that Trump was dividing. Say, Repeat, say, repeat—everyone in unison. Perpetuate the lie and cover up the truth when it comes to the surface.

Biden will never take action against China. He made a weak attempt at looking strong by calling for a 90-day review. The evidence is long gone, and China will not let anyone from the outside watch the sausage being made. China has Biden, and Hunter, in their pocket, right behind the protector. That protection is what they had bought when they sent Hunter Biden home with Billions in cash.

We do not know what Biden will tackle with his pen, but it looks like the Republicans can keep much from getting through Congress. We have to keep the pressure on and work hard for 2022. It looks to be a Red Wave forming off the coast. That should be good news for all Americans—even the ones who cannot admit it.

There is good news coming out of Florida. Governor DeSantis is reporting a massive increase in new Republican voters and Democrats changing their declared party to Republican. That is not what the Left had hoped for when they started leaving California and Illinois for Texas. Just maybe, people are waking up. Keep your hands off the snooze button.

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