Voting is a Citizen’s Right

By Ray Cardello for December 16, 2021 Season 7 / Post 37

Citizenship has unique privileges whether a U.S., Canadian, French, Afghan or just about any country in the world that recognizes and protects its sovereignty. Your citizenship has always been cherished by birth or sworn loyalty to your country. It has always been that way in America, where being an American meant something. It meant still feeling pride when you looked upon the Red, White, and Blue waving high in the wind. It meant starting each school day with the Pledge of Allegiance. It meant standing and singing the Star-Spangled Banner before your favorite team took the field. It meant something to every son or daughter who kissed their parents goodbye to defend our country in some faraway land. I fear some of those things are yesterday’s memories, not today’s reality.

The move to destroy the thought of America as a stand-alone country began many years ago. Some states have had challenges to eradicate the Pledge in schools. In some states, those challenges have been successful. Professional athletes started kneeling in protest for the Anthem a few years ago, and the action has caught on at the college and even high school levels. The Left has made it clear they want no actual borders to define our country. This is evidenced by the cessation of the building of the wall and the unchecked flow of immigrants across our Southern Border.

The latest attack by the Left on our country and its citizens is allowing noncitizens the right to vote. This sentence was even bizarre to type. I remember how excited I was at eighteen to register to vote. I felt I was part of the process, that I now had a say in who would represent us. All of that seems so weak now. To many, voting should not be restricted to citizens but should be expanded to everyone who lives here. Citizenship doesn’t matter, but your address does. It is so unfortunate.

The motives and endgame of the Left are unclear. On the one hand, they are working to allow as many as possible to vote, while on the other hand, they are doing all they can to destroy our sovereignty and eradicate our borders. Voting doesn’t seem needed if you have no country.

It is not a case of the people of the Left not loving this country. They hate it. They want it destroyed and are willing to work hard to make sure that happens by tearing it down from its foundation. Eliminate the citizens’ say in the government and put the steps in play for long-term control. Just like their long-time effort to take over the education system, they will bide their time as their latest initiative works to their end. This Constitutional Republic is the system that gave them their power. They now want to use that power to destroy it. Irrational, absolutely. But that is the definition of the Left.

While mandates and restrictions on Americans are on the increase, and it is more difficult to enter the country legally, nearly 200,000 illegal, unvetted, and untested illegals from around the world cross the Rio Grande each month. The Dems are working hard to speed the process for these illegals to citizenship while at the same time diluting the meaning of being a citizen. They want college students to vote where they go to school instead of live. Imagine the impact on a small town with a large university. Those students could influence the local and state government while having no ties to the area. They want uncertified mail-in voting ripe with fraud and to forbid voter IDs. They want to eliminate the Electoral College so that the Democrat dense states on both coasts will determine the President. Now they want to allow noncitizens the right to vote, hoping this will ensure their grip on power indefinitely.

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  1. As Dennis Prager says, “Anything the left touches they destroy”. They don’t create, they destroy.
    Your article is totally consistent with Barry Obama’s statement when he was running in ’08. “We are five days out from fundamentally changing America.” Well, they are making good on their wishes. But here is a question I would pose to the world. Why would you want to “fundamentally transform” anything that you love? If my husband came home one day, walked in the house, turned to me and said, “I want to fundamentally change you”, I would go out and get myself one hell of a good lawyer.