We Can No Longer be Satisfied with Failure of Leadership

By Ray Cardello for June 6, 2022          Season 11 / Post 11

We can do better, and we have to do better. We continue to put people into positions of authority or elect people to public office that are not qualified to perform their jobs. The Peter Principle is a concept in the business world where people are moved up the ranks and promoted to their highest level of incompetence. We have all worked for people who are the product of this process. We have all had supervisors or colleagues who we questioned how they ever got to their station. The Peter Principle was the vehicle they rode. These misplaced people are cancer to an organization. They fester contempt and morale issues.
We see the Pater Principle rear its ugly head today in government at all levels and in critical areas like law enforcement, including the justice department. This leads to a common excuse for mishandling urgent situations as lacking leadership. Sadly, we only have to look at the recent mass shooting of twenty-one innocent souls. There is still much to learn about the reaction to the shooter, but the initial consensus is that lives may have been lost unnecessarily that day because of a lack of leadership of the law enforcement teams. We are too good for this to happen.
We see examples of inadequate leadership at every level of government. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago, Governors Cuomo of New York and Whitmer of Michigan, District Attorney Gascon of Los Angeles, and Washington DC is ripe with people holding high office with little or no qualifications.
We only need to look at the two top officers in our government, and their lack of leadership caused this country in just fifteen months. Joe Biden, in fifty years, and Kamala Harris have never been considered successful Senators in their careers. His party selected Joe Biden because it was believed he was the Anti-Trump. Kamala Harris was chosen because she is a black woman, and that is what Joe Biden promised he would bring to the ticket. Neither is competent or possesses the leadership qualities needed in our Executive Branch. We look to the country’s state and the results of every decision they have made as proof of their deficiencies.
I mentioned what might have been the last team of true leaders in my Sunday Spotlight. When Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II teamed to break the Soviet Union, bring down the Berlin Wall, and hold off the spread of Socialism at the time, we may have witnessed the fruits of influential, qualified leaders. Those leaders may be among us, and we need to bring them forward.
Instead, we have candidates who people or groups choose with the financial might to overcome any competition. For years have seen big money, not high competence, win elections. Special interest people like George Soros may be satisfied but at the country’s expense. We deserve better. We deserve the best of the best to lead our country through increasingly complex challenges. We have incompetent individuals who, rather than lead, embark on their re-election the day they are sworn in.
We allowed this system to gain strength, but we have the strength to change the system. This is not a partisan issue as it has taken roots on both sides of the aisle. Indications are we looking at a correction election this November. As an optimist, I hope that is true. As a pragmatic person, I’ll delay my opinion until the day after Election Day.
This damaged system is hurting voters. Let’s hope to turn that hurt into a quest for people who can lead us back to stability and prosperity. This grand experiment called the United States cannot survive many more cycles of the same.
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