When Democrats Flip-Flop it is Evolution

By Ray Cardello for June 23, 2021 Season 2 / Post 8

It is so great to see Stacey Abrams eat Crow…..Jim Crow, that is. The polls have changed, and since the Democrats cannot have a unique stance that is not poll-backed, they are singing a different tune on Voter ID. Are you saying that all that noise in Georgia was for nothing? Were all of those corporate boycotts for not? Was the Major League All-Star game moved prematurely? Yes, yes, and yes. We should have waited for the poll results before letting the horse out of the barn. Embarrassing!

Stacey Abrams used every outlet that would give her airtime to rant about the injustice of the Georgia Voting Law enacted in the spring. According to Abrams, voter ID was racist, too costly, a potential for Identity Theft, and a throwback to Jim Crow. She used the issue to draw attention to herself, and many said that her stance would put her in the Georgia Governor’s office. Well, Abrams should hold off on plans for her Governor’s Ball and don’t order business cards just yet.

Her stance in April could not be misunderstood. She was against Voter ID in any way. Fast forward to June, and Stacey has “evolved.” She is supporting Senator Joe Manchin’s (D- WV) compromise voter reform bill requiring Voter ID. That is not an evolution but a 180 flip that is the result of new polling data.

Similarly, Sen. Raphael G. Warnock (D-Ga.) said he never full-stop objected to Voter ID and suggested it’s a common-sense idea when done right. “I have never been opposed to voter ID,” Warnock said, according to NBC News He added, per The Washington Post: “I don’t know anybody who believes that people shouldn’t have to prove that they are who they say they are.”

According to the latest Monmouth University Polling Data, support of Voter ID was no longer just Republican-based. The latest numbers show that there is now support from 62% of Democrats polled. We see a movement towards the center amongst the people of the country. It does not appear to be happening so quickly for politicians. The driving force for politicians is to remain in office, and to do so, they must align with the voters who can get them reelected. Like Abrams, Warnock, AOC, and Omar, the politicians who have been the most radical may have to soften their views should they want to keep their seats.

We have a year and a half until the mid-terms. Typically, there is a swing in the mid-terms towards the party not in power. Combine this fact with the poor performance of Biden, and we may be looking at a Red Wave. This Wave could give the House and Senate back to the Republicans and halt any progress for the Biden plan. We see with the “evolution” of some of the Democrats is not a change in their beliefs but a fourth-quarter Hail Mary to hold onto their jobs. Let’s face it. There are not many credibilities amongst politicians, but one thing they all have in common is a desire for power and tenure. Some have no shame in doing whatever it takes to keep them in D.C.

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