White House Crushes the First Amendment

By Ray Cardello for July 18, 2021 Season 2 / Post 34

We have been concerned with Big Tech censoring information for some time. Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been manipulating information and suspending anyone they feel is detrimental to their thinking. This practice is why Donald Trump filed a Class-Action suit this week against all three of the Tech Giants. It was one thing to combat the practices of public companies, but this week we found that the White House was pointing out posts they claim are misinformation for censoring by the respective platform. What? What about the First Amendment?

It has become apparent that Joe Biden only sees the Constitution as a recommendation and not an absolute. The Biden White House knew better than the writers of our Constitution. First, they attempted to rewrite the Second Amendment. The White House determined that the Founding Fathers did not really mean that everyone had a right to possess firearms. The next target was the 10th Amendment which protects the sovereignty of each state to set the rules for elections in their state. The writers assured that there would be no Federal take-over of the election process. That take-over is precisely what Biden is hoping to do, and he announced this week that he would involve his Justice Department to fight state voting bills.

This week completed the Trifecta as Biden destroyed the First Amendment. The White House admitted that they are now monitoring Social Media for what they deem as misinformation. They would then direct the posting Social Media site to remove the post as dangerous to the public. What they mean is hazardous to them. Who are the staff at the White House to determine the validity of any position but specifically those that do not agree with theirs? This censoring is not an action to protect anyone but Joe Biden. This program is an apparent attack on the First Amendment. Where will this rewriting of the truth end? When will people wake up and turn their backs on Social Media Platforms? When are the people of this country going to grow a set and put a stop to Biden’s crusade against our Constitution? It best be soon.

We have talked about America being able to withstand any assault from the outside. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the Al Qaeda attack on the Twin Towers, Shanksville, and the Pentagon. These attacks were devastating and involved thousands of deaths and injuries, but they did not bring the country down. The attack on the Constitution is a different story. If the Democrats are successful, they will come a long way towards the Transformation of America. The goal to Transform started with Obama, amplified by AOC and the Squad, and is now coming closer to fruition under the weak leadership of Joe Biden.

Combine this undermining of the Constitution along with the erosion of our Borders and the move towards a more Socialist form of government, and this is an all-out war on America from within. Who is the White House to be the judge and jury on any statement? They cannot recognize misinformation but adverse opinions. That is what they are doing. If they can ban opposition viewpoints from Social Media and those views do not hit the evening news, the Biden Administration effectively manages the new story. As we mentioned in a previous post, if the Democrats can create their version of the truth and get the media to echo it, they have won. Well, the game isn’t over. Until the last out, we have a chance to kill these Biden initiatives and keep this country on track.

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