Who Are the 38% Who Do Approve?

By Ray Cardello for November 9, 2021 Season 6 / Post 50

How long, cold, and expensive will the Biden “Winter of Discontent” be for the average American? The Biden administration only says it will cost more as they laugh at us while answering the question. It appears your best bet will be to buy another sweater, if you can find one, and plan on keeping the car in the garage. Biden is creating an America in 2021 that may be more depressing than 2019 with a Pandemic.

As Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ Approval Ratings continue to spiral down, they are working hard to push their Progressive agenda through Congress while doing all they can to make life miserable for Americans. Biden now has a 38% approval, and Kamala is at 28%. These are dismal numbers for an administration in their first year. They deserve these ratings, and you have to ask who are the people that think Biden and his team are doing a good job? Who thinks we are heading in the right direction? They cannot be paying attention.

You would think that last week’s election results would give the administration some pause, but they are doing just the opposite. Instead of rethinking their plan, they are working to push it while the numbers in Congress still favor their initiatives. The House passed their version of the Infrastructure Bill last Friday, and it may get through the Senate. The Build Back Better Spending Plan is experiencing greater resistance and may not pass at any cost. It shouldn’t, as there is no mandate in this country for any transformative piece of legislation. They want to stop this out-of-control train and curb the outrageous spending.

The list of decisions and policies that Biden has put in place and harms the country grows daily. The Border is no longer out of control as the Border barely exists today. The price at the pump is near twice this time last year. Home heating fuels will force the thermostats down this winter. Food prices are soaring as supplies are cut. The supply chain issue will make gift-giving for the holidays challenging. There are still Americans who want to be rescued from Afghanistan while China, Iran, and North Korea make noise. Even his handling of the Pandemic, which was the critical reason voters cast for Biden, fails with his business killing mask and vaccine mandates.

Last year, America was energy independent and was exporting oil and gas. Today, we are back to reliance on OPEC and Russia to supply our energy needs, and they are setting the price. To compound that situation, Biden announced over the weekend that he would close the Michigan Pipeline. This pipeline supplies more than 540,000 barrels of crude every day from Canada. We will need to replace this oil from overseas, which will add more people to the ranks of the unemployed. Biden “begging” OPEC to produce more crude for us highlights this President’s weakness and amplifies his poor decisions. 

There is little we can do today to stop the Biden transformation plan as the numbers in Congress are in his favor. We can best slow it down with debate and delays and continue recruiting strong conservative candidates to fuel the 2022 Red Tsunami.

On a personal note, this is my 300th posting of Conservative View from New Hampshire. It has been a fun and rewarding experience, and I thank you all for your support. I especially want to thank Jared Dyson of The Liberty Loft for reaching out to me to partner with his fine site. My only wish is for more positive topics to opine on, but I am hopeful they are coming soon. America is awakened and is on her way back. God bless her.

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  1. Congrats on 300 ?My idea is that the 38% are still the ones recovering from Trump derangement syndrome…it may take years