Whose Side Is He On?

By Ray Cardello for October 25, 2021 Season 6 / Post 35

With every decision that Joe Biden makes, you have to wonder whose side he is on. What team is he playing on? Biden certainly is making it difficult to believe that he is thinking of the best interests of the American people. The string of adverse decisions makes you wonder if he is on a mission to destroy the economy and security of this country, but that may give him too much credit. Let’s look at the most recent.

We are in the middle of one of the most significant supply chain issues in our history. Ships are backing up in the Pacific, unable to get into the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach. The containers staged at the port are there for weeks instead of the average few days. The core issue appears to be a shortage of trucks and truck drivers to get the containers on the way to their final destination. Biden announced last week that he has worked with the Los Angeles Port Authority to open the facility 24/7. That does nothing to solve the trucking situation. That is Biden’s first miscue. The next is to mandate that truckers need to be vaccinated or not drive. Brilliant! We are already short-handed for drivers. Shelves are bare in some stores waiting for goods. Prices are rising because of low inventory and increased shipping costs, and now truckers are responding with two words: I Quit. Great job, Joe. You have exacerbated the problem. The only thing worse would have been you putting Kamala in charge. This is just one example of Joe shooting us in the foot.

In the last few weeks, we have seen medical workers around the country who were revered as heroes a year ago, having to decide between getting the shot or leaving their post. Many turned in their PPE—heroes to unwashed at the stroke of a mandate. Hospitals around the country that were already short-staffed are now shutting down entire departments. How did that decision work out for the health and welfare of the country. Joe?

Police departments still stinging from the defund movement of the Progressive Left are now seeing officers leave their jobs or take early retirement rather than be mandated to be vaxxed. Crime rates are soaring, murder rates are off the charts in many big cities, and gangs like MS-13 are running good people out of formerly great cities. Domestic safety was not enough to go after. Let’s add the US Navy to the mix, including the Navy Seals. But really, why do we need the Seals when we have “Over the Horizon” capabilities? Just ask the family of innocents killed by one of our drones in Afghanistan.

Teachers were included in Biden’s Mandate, as were all federal employees, except the US postal workers. The teachers deserve the mandate after what they did in 2020 to keep students out of the classroom. But what could be the reason for exempting the Post Office? In our town, the post office was the last entity not to require masks to enter the building, and the clerks are still behind plexiglass. They unquestionably come into contact with more people than a truck driver working alone in his cab. So why exempt them? No answer from the administration, but we maybe should ask the Postal Union.

We can go on documenting the negative impact that Biden has had in the last nine months. But that would be just piling on. How about we challenge anyone with an opposing view to cite the positive decisions for America. We will be patient. When you come up with something, let us know, okay?