Yellowstone, 1883, and the Return of Conservatism

By Ray Cardello for February 22, 2022    Season 9 / Post 6


There is a wave sweeping across America. People have seen the fruits of the Democrat Progressives, and they are not pleased with what they see. The Progressives walk away from our past. They disavow our history and march towards the utopian new world promised since they were children. In a way, they are still children. Having been coddled their entire lives, they have never had to think for themselves. Their future vision is not based on truth but fake promises. The Progressives are going to cost Democrats their stranglehold on power in government.
Progressives, by definition, have no ties to what has made this experiment called America the most incredible free country in history. They are wrong and have no basis for their accusations and beliefs. This is why they can turn their backs on America and its people and condemn America as a racist country built on slavery. This false premise is causing a chasm in the Democrat party and why the Democrats will feel the tsunami in November.
The Republicans are gaining momentum. People, voters, are abandoning the Left for the party of Conservatives. Whites, Blacks, and Browns are leaving the party of the donkey and the states traditionally run by Democrats.
New York and California are losing residents and Congressional seats as people escape the crime, taxes, and schools of these Blue States. These fleeing folks are streaming into Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. This Democrat exodus is changing the make-up of Congress.
This migration of Dems moving to Conservative states is changing the demographics of this country, which scares the hell out of Democrats. This adventure moving to the Red States is why the blockbuster series, 1883, resonates with the masses. The journey chronicled as these early pioneers crossed Indian country and faced death on their trip to the Dakotas or the coastline of Oregon exemplifies the yearning of Americans to enjoy their freedoms and self-govern.
Yellowstone is the story of a family that will do anything to hold onto their land, freedoms, and lifestyles. They are the epitome of tough early Americans who had a yearning to explore and move west. They believed in America and had incredible loyalty to the flag and what it stands for. It is them against the world. The Dems are leaving their families and their home and heading North and West; they see themselves in the fictional series Yellowstone and 1883. These series are rekindling the Conservative vein running through Americans.
Of course, these shows are fiction but done so well you are sucked in through the screen. You are not watching a performance. You are feeling the pain and anguish in your gut. These are a depiction of life in a bygone era. It is difficult to imagine, but somehow you identify with the characters and appreciate how much pain and loss these people endured securing their freedoms. It is hard work to hold onto the freedom you were given as a birthright. Freedom is fleeting, and that is what Conservatism is all about.
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