Your Neighbors Do Not Want to Pay Either

By Ray Cardello for October 1, 2021 Season 3 / Post 11

There are two ways the government bills get paid, you pay them, or your neighbor does. It is getting to a point where the government spending is so out of control that nobody wants to pick up the tab. Have you been to dinner with someone who never offers to grab the tab? They mysteriously come down with a case of crocodile arms and can never reach the bill. Well, that is where we are. Everybody has crocodile arms. Nobody wants to pay the bill.

Washington is now at a point of insulting our intelligence. They float a Spending Bill that they claim will be transformative. It includes thousands of items with a face value of $3.5 Trillion. Experts say that the number is closer to $5 Trillion, and then they have the audacity to look you in the eyes and say the bill is paid for. The math, new or old, does not add up. Jen Psaki can flip her hair until it turns gray. Nobody believes her or Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, AOC, or anyone else they can get on video to spout the party line.

The next two days are critical to Joe Biden and his Presidency. He has to convince enough members of his party and some Rhinos to vote for this bill, or his agenda is dead, and we are into a lame-duck presidency before the first year is in the books. He needs a win for everything he has touched since January 20 has turned sour. The votes are not there. He will get this bill through the House, maybe, but never through the Senate.

It was reported that Biden canceled his trip to Chicago to be close to Washington to shepherd his bill home. He should have gone to the Windy City. He has no value in DC. There was talk about him going to the Congressional Baseball Game this evening. Does that fate of a $5 Trillion pork-filled bill rely on the President having a hot dog and cheering for the Dems while they play ball? That is pathetic if true.

That is where politics and reason have gone in Washington. It is fun and games as the backroom deals determine the fate of a bill and the future of our country. Our ace in the game is that the filibuster survives this battle. If this comes down to reconciliation, then the bill has a 50-50 chance. If the filibuster in the Senate survives, then this bill is dead on arrival,

Aside from the partisan items that this bill will fund, the lies about it flourish. From the bill is paid for to the fact that most programs in the bill have three-year renewals, but the bill is funded over ten years, the straight story is being withheld from the public. It conjures memories of Nancy smiling like a Cheshire Cat as she told us we needed to pass Obamacare and then read the bill. Damn, I hope we have learned from the past. Nancy Pelosi cannot be trusted. And if she is putting her power behind a bill, it cannot be good for America.

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