18,000- Do You Want the Over or Under

By Ray Cardello for April 6, 2022    Season 9 / Post 50


With his recent decision, Joe Biden will let Title 42 expire in May, and the floodgates will open. We are currently apprehending 7,000 illegal aliens crossing into our country every day. That is over 200,000 illegals every month. Those are the ones we know of. There are only guesstimates about who avoids contact with Border Agents.
The new estimate of the numbers after the Title 42 expires is 18,000 per day or over half-million per month. These are not sustainable numbers. By Biden’s admission during the campaign, we can absorb two million crossings per year. We will be watching six million, and again, that is what we know. How many are avoiding our over-worked Border Patrol?
We no longer have a border with Mexico. Joe Biden has managed to destroy our nation’s sovereignty in sixteen months. Open borders mean we are not a geographically defined country. This status is precisely what the Radical Left wants for America. They do not believe in nationalism, and Joe Biden gives them what they want.
Without a Southern Border, Biden has effectively made all 48 contiguous states into border states. These illegals cross from Mexico into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and then they are put on buses or planes and sent anywhere they want to go. As I am writing this article, I watch video reports from Brownsville, Texas. Single men and women, not families, are getting off buses to be processed. They are no longer given ankle bracelets or NTR as those proved futile. They receive a cell phone, a bag of basic supplies, and a debit card and are transported to their next destination in America. This is happening day after day in Brownsville and other cities in the Southwest.
This process is happening because the Border Patrol Facilities are overflowing. The white flag is waving. We have lost control of the flow of humans flooding into our country, and Joe, Kamala, and the Radical Left are smiling at what they have created. Interestingly, Democrats like Senator Hassan and Congressman Pappas of New Hampshire are voicing concern about the unvetted people and drugs broaching our southern flank. These folks have been silent to this point, but both find themselves in heated election cycles. They have to swing to the center if they want any chance at holding their seats.
We hear nothing from Border Czar Kamala Harris because her initial explanation for the influx has been blown out of the water. Her core issues anchored in the Northern Triangle do not explain why we have over 150 countries of origin documented. We do not know who these people are and their motives for coming to America.
A former head of DHS was asked this morning about the vetting process for the illegal immigrants apprehended crossing. His response was not comforting. We have no way of accessing a global data bank to track their past where they came from. We only know the background if the person has a history or criminal record in this country.

The barn door is not just open but has been removed. It will get exponentially worse in May when Title 42 expires. States are suing to stop the end of 42, but the way this is evolving, it should be the end of 46. If that was too vague, 46 is “the Big Guy.”



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